New InFamous 2 New Gameplay

Check out these new Infamous 2's beta gameplay videos featuring full of action and explosive.

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Ninver2746d ago

I can't wait anymore dammit. Release the game now. It already looks better than most linear games and this is open world. Mad props to SP.

I_find_it_funny2745d ago

looks a lot better than original Infamous

slinky1234562745d ago

I wonder how the XP system works in it. Can you level up by playing an easy game over and over again? And can you purchase new powers the more you rank up?

Baba19062745d ago

the original was one of my favourite games this gen... and this looks much much better. cant wait.

Quagmire2745d ago

Infamous 2, Protoype 2 and Batman 2, are gonna satisfy my super-hero fix. Can't wait.

jinjojuice2745d ago

what happens if you have completed the game and maxed out your powers?will the xp you earn be able to unlock new secret powers or make the ones you have already got more powerfull?user content is cool but theres no point in earning xp if it cant be used for anything.

jwk942745d ago

Probably gonna have a ranking system.

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