L.A. Noire coming to PC?

LANoireDB writes - "Is L.A. Noire coming to PC? According to a listing at the ESRB, L.A. Noire might be coming to Windows PC."

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plb2748d ago

Same thing was said about rdr and that didn't happen.

TheIneffableBob2748d ago

Afaik, the ESRB never listed Red Dead Redemption as coming to PC.

ATiElite2748d ago

Red Dead was never coming to the PC therefore ESRB never rated it for the PC. I think the next Red Dead will release on the PC shortly after the console version.

I think LA Noire will release on console first then 6 months later we will get a Proper PC version. GTAIV sold 3 million or more on the PC even though it was released 8 months after the console versions so the market is there.

Plus with all the mods the GTAIV PC community is pretty large and the modded MP easily beats APB Reloaded.

Raider692748d ago

Expected!PC is in a booming stage again,consoles hardware are outdated by today standards and people that have money to invest on a medium specs PC are jumping on board PC again.Cheaper prices,better and more powerful hardware that takes advantage on the latest development technics in games.Not everybody is going to keep living of ancient technology of consoles that haves 6 to 5 years.Publishers are watching the tide changing for PC market and they certain dont wont to lose a share of it!

therapist2748d ago

good, then i can play it in hd, instead of whatever wacky sub-hd res the console version will be, my guess is 1024x640 for ps3 and xbox360


i wanna play it in 1080p with 32x anti aliasing or not at all

ATiElite2748d ago

32xAA is NOT NEEDED! that is serious overkill.

At 1920 x 1080p 4xAA is good enough.

WhiteNoise2748d ago

I'm sorry but that is completely false.

The difference between 32csaa and 8MSAA is massive. The difference between 32csaa and 16QAA is still pretty big. It is beneficial in all games bvut play mirrors edge which has a lot of straight lines ( building edges etc ) and you definitely notice the improvement over even 16qaa.

In Dragon Age origins and Bioshock 1 and 2 I even force 8TRSSAA in addition to 32csaa to get rid of jagged lines on transparent textues.

In Mass effect 2 as well, TRSSAA does not work by itself and 32CSAA does not work as good as MSAA does not effect transparent textures which there is a lot of in UE3 games. So SSAA ( which essentially doubles, quariples the res by upscaling then downsampling ) has a massive visual boost.

I enhance to 32csaa in all my games. It's night and day in a game like farcry 2 with lots of individual leaves on trees etc. Ease blade of grass and each leave is clearly definined with no aliasing on even the smallest objects.

Mr Tretton2748d ago

I didn't even know 32xAA existed. How could you even tell the difference from, say 16xAA? Unless you have your face right up to the screen

therapist2748d ago

i know but i like to let my dual 570's sweat every now and then, they get fat and lazy if you don't work 'em, just like wives

this game won't work them no matter what, but i freaking hate jaggies

gypsygib2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Woah, I had no idea it wasn't coming to PC or that the issue was still up in the air.

PC gamers are always talking shit about consoles but how many PC gamers own a console to play the numerous games not on PC I wonder.

dreamtheater872748d ago

All of my PC gaming friends (myself included) own at least 1 console. I have a 360 and a PS3. It doesn't stop PC gamers bashing consoles though, because the majority prefer their PC.

The way I see it pc gamers are at a better position to judge, as they more often than not have all gaming platforms, rather than rabidly defending the only console they own.

ATiElite2748d ago

If it's not on PC then....Fu.....I go next door and play it. LOL... Most console titles are only 8 hours long anyway so two or three visits and I've beaten it.

Every time i go to buy a console i end up buying PC components.

Mr Tretton2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

uh, most PC games these days aren't very long either. Heck, most PC games these days were built on the Xbox 360.

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