New BloodRayne Betrayal Details Revealed

Following the revelation BloodRayne: Betrayal last week, Majesco Entertainment Company has confirmed new details on the forthcoming digital release. Destined for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer, BloodRayne: Betrayal is based on the best-selling vampire videogame franchise, BloodRayne.

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SquareEnixFan2805d ago

Sounds pretty good but I'm so desperate for a new BloodRayne game just the fact that this exists is enough for me.

Gen0ne2805d ago

The second game made me wanna slap someone. Here's hoping the new direction helps. I'd like to see a resurgence of Blood Rayne.

trainsinrdr2805d ago

i rented a bloodrayne game a few years ago and i loved it because i literally jumped onto everyones shoulder and sucked them dry

SkyGamer2805d ago

I liked the first game better but second one had better action sequences. I liked how the first one you could use guns and not just your blood powers or something to that effect. If they could merge the two, it would be awesome. Hopefully they res Advent Rising. Aside from the constant targeting, it was a good game.