Korean PS3 IPTV Launching in November

Way back in May Sony announced plans to deliver video on demand to the Korean market, and now those plans have come to fruition. While we sit patiently waiting for Microsoft's service to launch, Korean telecom operator KT and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea are teaming up to transform the PS3 into a set-top IPTV box. Starting in November, PS3 owners in South Korea will be able to access content from KT's Mega TV service, all in the pursuit of that ever-elusive synergy.

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RunamukK4480d ago

Hope you guys like my first post.

MaximusPrime4480d ago

great first post. ;)

and great avatar, too.

Cosmo4479d ago

Yeah man, love the avatar

CyberSentinel4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Sony is turning up the heat.

@3: I'm not sure what to expect from it bro, all I know is, I can't wait for it.

power of Green 4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

You think its going to be on the same scope/scale and as advanced as IPTV available for a software company. Just messing with you buddy.

@2, I read a full list of features and the specs but have not been able to find that specific list sence. Its a moster setup the software and hardware interactions will make lots of people happy. Its supposedly going to have plenty of game cross fuction elements to it.

rabidvibes4480d ago

why korea? why not japan, america, or the european market? is there not a big cable network in korea? do they have fast bandwidth? or is it a sure positive bet that it will be a small enough test market to work out all the bugs before a bigger release?

pwnsause4480d ago

because korean internet > american Internet in terms of speed

Foliage4479d ago

Many Countries > American Internet

In terms of speed.

It's a shame the US hasn't caught on to the rest of the world in this category.

unrealgamer584480d ago

this will be awesome keep it up sony im counting on ya

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