What would you pay for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record?

How much bang will you get for your buck in Capcom's "reimagining"? OXM UK investigates.

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mushroomwig2744d ago

I suppose that all depends on what the game offers. If it involves the same weapons, bosses and such then I can't really justify paying full price.

However if the game has new weapons, new bosses, new locations (already confirmed) and a new storyline alltogether then I'm all for it.

TeaDouble_E2744d ago

Whos developing this title ? I hope its not Blue Castle but made by Capcom.

ShabbaRanks2744d ago

Im for it too if what u said is added, but not for full price... Unless ALOT is added ... I say 40$ max

2744d ago
gorebago2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

What is this? A remastered version ala Divinity 2: dks or a greatest hits...

nvrmd - could be awesome - imagine dr2 w/o the creepy little girl that always needed meds and a more streamlined exp - I want it

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The story is too old to be commented.