FIFA 12 - Features Wishlist and What's Expected

SegmentNext - "Anyone who has played FIFA 11 won’t hesitate in admitting that they were, or still are, extremely addicted to one of the finest releases in the franchise to date. But one may argue there are lots of things FIFA 11 should still improve on and with news regarding FIFA 2012 coming next month, we all have a personal wish-list of the do’s and don'ts for the upcoming installment in EA Sports top cash milking franchise".

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jizzyjones2773d ago

Im gonna make a WILD guess its gonna be a bit like Fifa09/10/11, same buggy freezing game engine, same average 720p30 graphics.

farhad2k82772d ago

I just want new commentators, and not just the same old' two.
How about 4, and they switch around each match.
And when you score a 40 yard beauty with Fabregas, I dont want the commentator to just say "Fabregass.. its gone in..." What sort of enthusiasm is that? LOL

Also, EA have to sign a dealership with UEFA, its the icing on the cake!!
And then.. Fifa 12 will actually be a revolution.

starcb262772d ago

That's why i love the spanish commentators <3

Lamarthedancer2772d ago

It's a FIFA game expect smallest amounts of improvments

KMxRetro2772d ago

So an article that is entirely made up of massive speculation and hyperbole, then. Brilliant.