Reconfirmed: NGP To See 2011 US Release, European Dates Sketchy

Speculation has been running rampant concerning Sony’s upcoming revolutionary handheld dubbed NGP, and whether the console would see a 2011 release outside of Japan. Recently, SCEA boss Jack Tretton said there might be delays because of factory issues following the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster. That, however, was debunked by Sony Japan, with SCEJ spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoaka telling the Wall Street Journal that Tretton was simply “wrong” when he said the Japanese earthquake and tsunami had closed factories relating to Next Generation Portable production.

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2749d ago Replies(2)
Optical_Matrix2749d ago

Us Europeans getting the shaft once again it looks like. Though I should limit my complaining. We got the 3DS a few days before the US.

Lucreto2749d ago

I don't mind if it is delayed. There are so many games this year it might be better off.

I don't have the time for 8-10 games and 5 or 6 NGP games.

Criminal2749d ago

This holiday's already packed with great games.

zoks3102749d ago

Please come in under $350 Sony.