European PlayStation Store Content Update for 13/4/11

The European PlayStation Blog writes:

"Two new PSN games hit today for PS3 owners, complete with trials – the much anticipated Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (20% day-one discount for Plussers) and Konami’s classic franchise reboot of Rush n’ Attack: Ex Patriot.

We’ve also got loads of DLC for retail and digital releases, allowing you to expand your play time with Moon Diver, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Funky Lab Rat and Bulletstorm to name but a few."

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2748d ago
Lamarthedancer2748d ago

We havent had a PS1 Classic for like 3 three weeks and we got one and it's something which I don't care about

Where the hell is TR2, Spyro, Silent Hill, RE2/3 etc :(

Sony is great and all but they treat Europe like shit and were the ones who give them the most PS3 sales.

NavySeal742748d ago

we had silent hill but it was pulled from the store think it was a problem with graphics.

if you go on the store then franchise pick gta, vice city stories is free for psp uk store.
not sure of usa store