New PlayStation 3 Platinum Releases Confirmed for UK

Having been released across mainland Europe last week, there had been some debate as to whether the UK would receive the latest range of PlayStation 3 Platinum releases. However, today it has been revealed that the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain and God of War III, amongst others, will arrive on UK shelves this week.

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dangert122746d ago

Been meaning to get GOW III for along time now keep forgeting or getting carried away by another game and this means a price drop too yeah? i'll get them both now

Blaze9292746d ago

I kinda miss Heavy Rain now, should have never traded that in. But at the same time it was like, I already know every single possible outcome so I thought I'd never play it again.

HappyGaming2746d ago

Same I was meant to buy GoW3 and Heavy Rain but because they were offline I thought they could wait... (its not like the online community will get weaker)

So HR and GoW3 plats would be awesome :D

Corrwin2746d ago

The problem with having some awesome exclusives, is that I already bloody have them!

I suppose it's better than what Nintendo do: Keep all their best sellers at an artificially high price.

Irnbruguy2746d ago

I've already seen the Heavy Rain move edition on PS3 Platinum

R8342746d ago

Is it just me who thinks the platinum boxes don't look that nice?

I try and avoid them if I can because I like the original box art without the silver frame.

Corrwin2746d ago

That's the point. SONY want you to buy the games, but only at that people will think you're poor.

You might get lucky though, when a platinum is released retailers often try and get rid of the originals cheap.

e.g. I picked up Final Fantasy XIII for £10, because the week later they got in the platinum version, which they now sell for £15.