Portal 2 to be released early?

@XG247: We look at all the information about the possible Portal 2 early launch and put it in one handy post!

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TheLeprachaun2750d ago

I'm thinking if it is released early, it's probably just going to be the PC version.

Lucreto2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Most likely just the steam version. Retail versions would be too hard to pull off as the games would have to be posted by now to get here by Friday.

TheLeprachaun2750d ago

Aye that's what I meant. Non-physical copies only I'd assume.

ilikecookies2749d ago

Actually they are already shipped out and on the way to retailers. My store gets the shipments a 1-3 weeks early

Smkt2750d ago

works for me :)... already pre-loaded it on steam..

Lucreto2750d ago

It is released on a bad week for me.

Next week the game is getting released on a Thursday in Europe due to Good Friday. No post will be sorted during that time. Monday is also a bank holiday so it will be the that friday before I get this game.

limewax2750d ago

Didnt know it was out thursday, being in UK that is going to make this game hard to get, its thursday or not at all that week really

Perjoss2750d ago

this is impossible, we are talking about Valve here guys.

Lucreto2750d ago

Not really. If you pre-order on steam it is now available to download and all they have to do is flip a switch and it is playable.

Perjoss2750d ago

ok, it was a little joke, Valve love to take their sweet time in releasing games.

Kran2750d ago

I suppose it's only fair. I mean Valve has more fans on PC than they do on one single console. Sucks that i'd still have to wait until my 360 and then my PS3 version (to play steam version with) but I can wait......

..... NO I CANT WAIT :'(

tdogchristy902750d ago

I'm in the same boat bud. I'm picking up both console versions but likewise I'd be waiting until Tuesday to pick them up. :( can't wait though!!!!

solar2750d ago

my fine co-op partner informed me that the Steam versions are being released on the 18th worldwide, while the retail copies will ve on the 19th and 21st.

plb2749d ago

Yes I read that on Steam forums also.

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