COD4: Graphics Card Performance Comparison

Comparison on the latest graphics cards. Which provides the better gameplay on the newly released call of duty 4 demo?

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unsunghero284024d ago

So the Radeon 2xxx series wasn't important enough to test except for the midrange 2600??

gta_cb4024d ago

yeah thats what i was thinking...

JsonHenry4024d ago

They say anything over a steady 20fps is not noticeable to the eye, so it looks like a lot of people are going to be in luck.

But I want to know a few other things such as - What OS (WinXP, Vista, 32bit, 64bit?), what CPU, what type/how much RAM, and what type of HDD system (RAID 0,1, 0+1?).

I have an 8800GTS 640meg, AM2 Dual Core CPU, and 2gigs of DDR2 800mhz RAM. I ran the game with ALL settings maxed and the resolution running at 1680*1050 with no hitching or slow downs. It ran smooth as butter.

mighty_douche4024d ago

due same system except Q6600 cpu here and it ran perfect all maxed out.

to be honest im hoping the full game lets you set things higher!

ShiftyLookingCow4024d ago

yeah I agree, some settings only normal/medium was possible no high. So maybe the full game will ship with them.

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Ps3Fanboy7774024d ago

Where is the reference system? What settings were they using?

Whoever tested is not familiar with PC testing.

And why no 1024 x 768? That would have boasted a huge performance gain for the low end cards and with minimal visual difference.

Horrible benchmark.

I could easily get the 8800 series pumping 60fps on COD4. Definately not maxed but definately not gimped visuals either.

Not to mention, which cards are these? Reference? Are these overclocked?


Spike474024d ago

I have a geforce 6150, and more than 900 ram,

alot of emmory too, and i have directx 10 and vista.

will call of duty 4 play well on my computer, I plan on buying it day one.

JsonHenry4024d ago

You might be able to play running lower end settings, but I think it would run it.

Your biggest problem is lack of RAM. You are running Vista, and Vista needs more RAM to play games than if you were using WinXP.

Your video card is old too, but again, on low setting you should be able to play just fine. I would Download the demo and test out what your best setting will be.

SageFrancis4024d ago

You dont have DX10 if your card is a GF6150, i assume its a laptop.

It would struggle, might work if all your settings are on low.

mentalboy114023d ago

6150 doesnt have shader pixel 3.0, the minimum is a 6600.

LeonSKennedy4Life4023d ago

It depends on whether it's integrated or not. My 6150 LE is integrated...which means I can play Half-life 2...and that's about it. I can't run anything on the Unreal 3.0 engine, Timeshift, COD4, and DEFINITELY not the Crysis BETA.

I'm getting a new laptop from though. I highly recommend it if you guys are looking for great deals. Yes, they're better than, don't ask.

When I can get an 8800 with 3 Gigs of RAM and a 300 gig HDD...for 1500 dollars...I'm freakin' happy! All of that in a PC with XP or Vista pre-installed and any of the other programs they offer...YEAH!

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Charlie26884024d ago

Well as personal testing I got MAX settings and ULTRA smooth gameplay with my 8800GTS 640MB at 1680 x 1050 res

JsonHenry4024d ago

Same here.

What is the rest of your system made up of?

Charlie26884024d ago

I got a
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 at 3.00GHz and
4GB or Dual channel RAM DDR2 800

apart from my 8800GTS 640 (the super cloacked version)

which AMD processor do you have?

JsonHenry4024d ago

I have a AM2 4400+. I did have just a 3800+ plus when I built the system but the fan went dead and I ended up getting a whole new faster CPU from when I sent it back.

Thinking about buying a 5200+ now that they are only about $120.00 USD.

GIJeff4024d ago

If i were you i'd get the fx-62. OEM at new egg(150.00), mine idles with the thermatake v-1 at 24c....and its about 2ce as fast as my old x2 3800+. Yea, the v-1 is air too! I have lots of room to overclock. And my warranty on my ram doesnt become invalid even if i OC it to 1Ghz... Anyways, my system:

AM2 fx-62 dual core
2GB OCZ ddr2 dual channel
eVga 7950 512 KO

I ran the game max settings in 1280x1024(LCD) with 4xAA and 4xAF at a very slick and steady framerate. I think a lot of it has to do with the new CPU...

JsonHenry4024d ago

Thanks dude! That is about the same price for a LOT more perfomance. Awesome.

Proxy4024d ago

I've heard of some running that E6850 at 3.7 ghz. WOW! Maybe you could look into it if your into that kind of stuff.

Charlie26884024d ago

@Proxy: According to the people at newegg the E6850 can be OC to 3.4 with only air...other people say that at stock speed (3.00) the stock heatsink/fan is not enough, I have the Gigabyte P35-DQ6 mobo that has the "super cooling" system so I guess I could push it to 3.4 with out any trouble due to the compensation of the mobos cooling but any further I would need a new heatsink/fan for the processor and as all the people familiar with the P35-DQ6 mobo that would mean removing the BIG "super cooling" thing and the whole OC goes to hell


Proxy4024d ago

I don't think many have done it, I think this guy may have had water cooling, but I didn't check into it that far. I think it was just some guy on Andec forums who had it in his sig.

Maybe he was lying?

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xaphanze4024d ago

im done with pc gaming. It costs too much.

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