Fable III's PC Hardcore mode explained

IncGamers: Mike West, Designer on Fable III, talks us through what we can expect from Hardcore mode and the reasons for its inclusion.

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ramza042744d ago

The game definitely needs to be more punishing. The game is just wayyy to easy. I mean whats the point of wanting to get stronger/level up if you can just plow through everything anyway? Make the enemies harder, add punishing death repercussions, and bring better reason to want to level-up/upgrade...

wallis2744d ago

I'm still a little bitter about fable II remaining exclusive to be honest. Well between that and the fact that moleyneux's little 'white lies' like to walk the line between boasting and false advertising is also a little concerning.

I was a big fan of the first one, to be fair it had a great sense of humour and a wonderfully fun atmosphere. A nice breath of fresh air in a time where ninety nine per cent of games feature angst anti heroes who wear hoods and show their maturity through swearing a lot.

Still... it's gonna take something real special to make me buy this game and a 'hardcore mode' that doesn't sound so hardcore kinda falls short. I mean, improved AI? Shouldn't that just... well... be in the game anyway?