Killing Leon: Resident Evil Raccoon City’s “new direction”

VG247 - At it’s heart, Operation Raccoon City is still a Resident Evil game, despite the fact players will be participating in a team-based, third-person shooter. It still has zombies running around all over the place; it still has a creepy atmosphere; and it stars the Umbrella Corporation as well as the familiar US Spec Ops.

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n4gisatroll2746d ago

I'd rather have slant six fix confrontation with some map packs since socom 4 is bust.

e-p-ayeaH2746d ago

confrontation as been "fixed" along time ago

aCasualGamer2746d ago


I'm sorry, but i just don't see it. We, the RE fans, have begged Capcom for a Resident Evil game that brings back the old formula brings back the same gameplay style of RE4 but with horror elements and not action. We've demanded it for quite some time now and how do they answer?

With a multiplayer game that has >> -NOTHING- << to do with RE franchise. This is basically Socom with a Zombie theme, and they throw in Leons character (they kill him) and now all of a sudden it's RE? This is milkage at it's finest people.

One thing i don't understand is, why no one in the press is asking them: "Hey, listen you've asked the fans what they wanted... they wanted the old style of RE. Why did you choose to do this?" Seriously.

...This can't be it. I just don't believe it. They have something else instore for us. I'm almost 100% certain that we will see another TRUE resident evil game reveal on E3. "Here is what you've been waiting for". Think about it, this is a multiplayer game and RE has always been about singleplayer.

I seriously doubt Capcom would neglect all their fans just like that. We'll have to see, this E3, either Capcom are screwed or they'll have their fans back.

New RE game or Capcom you are really screwed.

hay2746d ago

Well, there's some nice market for shoters today. Why should opinion of people who made RE success(fans) in the first place matter?

/here be f*cking sarcasm

aCasualGamer2746d ago


Yes i agree, there is no reason for them to do this to their franchise. They take a bigger risk financially when going with this multiplayer strategy than actually making a singleplayer RE game.

1. Why would people buy a slower version of COD: Zombies when the black ops sells for less than 20$?

2. The fans who know the franchise will never touch this game, just because they feel they got screwed over when asking for a true RE game.

3. Capcom think that more action brings more money, and in some cases that's true. But look at the competition you have for this fall; New COD game, New Battlefield game, New Uncharted game and New Resistance game. Why on earth would anyone get this tacked on zombieshooter over these? Please tell me. If you had made another TRUE RE game then fans would buy that first day of release.

Who wouldn't want another TRUE RE game with Jill, Claire or Leon with all the classical formula of horror, exploration and puzzlesolving?

I repeat, come this E3, Capcom better have something instore for us RE fans or you are S C R E W E D !

hay2746d ago

It's obvious they're targeting different/shooter demographics. I don't know any RE fan who would buy this game.
If they would make true RE i'd preorder it without a doubt, as many others, we know we want it.

aCasualGamer2746d ago

I still believe they are holding another RE game secret til E3. I think strategically it would make sense.

They weren't satisfied with their own multiplayer accomplishments (in RE5) so they took in an outside studio to do the job. If they have another true RE game in production that would mean that people would get two choices. If you are multiplayer person you would have RE:RC as an alternative and if you are RE fan then you would get the singleplayer focused game.

Hope that's the scenario and not us getting screwed over.

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