Video: Sony's GeoHot Settlement Won't Stop Anonymous

Gamertag Radio writes: "Message to Sony: Settlement won't stop Anonymous: "Sony prepare for the biggest attack you have ever witnessed."

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Lord_Doggington2773d ago

I figured they would keep up their attacks because of Sony's request of IP addresses. Too bad if Sony settled just to stop their attacks...

iamnsuperman2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

As far as i have heard the settlement is a really good thing for sony and detters other hackers so its doubtful thats the reaaon for settling.... I can see public opinion of anonymous being low if they carry one. There becoming a thorn in everyone side attacking not just sony but everyone

NewMonday2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

waaaaaait a minute...

notice something??!!

limewax2773d ago

Wow, see this is what I mean, that wasnt very anonymous at all

ziggurcat2773d ago

lol, way to be "anonymous", geroge....

peowpeow2773d ago

I doubt it's real, it looks edited onto the screen

Rashonality2773d ago

are you kidding?
if not it's clearly a still photo from George's video.
i don't know if that idiot is a member of Anonymous but or not but the one thing i'm sure of is they used geohot's video cuz george is relevant to the case.

hay2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Yup, it's edited on still from GeoHots 3.55 JailBreak video. Pixel count is the same, reflections too. Picture is a bit cut, contrast is improved and it's a bit darker. Excluding obious as pad in exactly the same position, camera angle etc.
Amateurish try to frame/revenge on GeoHot. Any more proofs it's not about GeoHot, freedom, fighting for the small guy?
It looks more and more like pirates want free games on PS3 or kids have nothing to do with their lives.

Heartnet2773d ago

Hmm All they say the same thing every video :( this is getting old lol

And dunno why they are so P***** off about some IP Addresses when they are and have clearly done worse Lol :) Hate Hypocrites specially ones that effect me xD

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limewax2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

There wont be any attacks, these boys are exactly that, boys. Decided to go check out what skills they have, and its none. They dont even know how to hack, and just sit in the IRC all day saying its anonymous time, Sony will fall.

Yet when questioned none of them actually even have the ability to do basic hacking, let alone attack the PSN, what we felt that day was maintenance on Sonys end. Anon have and will continue to do nothing becuase that is all they are capable of

Perkel2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

If you doubt hack skills of that group you are mistaken.

They choose to use legal hacking as DDOS attack is.

If they want to they have skills to do some serious hacking.

Recently they took down security company working for FBI for looking into Anonymous structure.

And when i said serious hacking i meant it.

They took down bunch of their sites they had total control over their network,servers,mails and person who wanted to look into Anonymous group CEO of that security company paid well.

In short CEO don't work in industry now, almost 62k emails of three main people including Ceo was leaked to public on torret sites.

They delated 1TB of data from their servers.

Here is summary :

14 year old girl social hacked administrator of their sites.

Also taking down even by DDOS attack master card site and visa is no small feat same with bank of america.

Call them idiots call them terrorists but they have power to do some serious sh*t.

InfectedDK2773d ago

Actually they took down strong security firm HBGary and published their intern emails online. Head of the firm left.. They did it immediately after HBGary told they could name the most of Anon. Search "Anonymous punks FBI" on youtube.

limewax2773d ago

I dont disagree that the true Anonymous has the skill needed. Just I dont think this is the real anonymous, go drop into the IRC and you can tell this a bunch of amatuer pre-teens for the most part. Something Im sure the real Anonymous would not want to associate themselves with

Perkel2773d ago

@ limewax

you said they don't have skills. Don't spin it.

As of real Ano. There is no real ano or fake ano. All are Ano.

Ano is group of people who vote for attacks if you don't vote you don't do any attack. One group of Ano can be completly diffrent than other.

That is their strenght there are no leader only ideas.

Perfect democracy :D

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AssassinHD2773d ago

I keep seeing people complain about Sony requesting a list of IP addresses, but what I can't understand is why people are upset about it.

Sony never requested user information related to those IP addresses. An IP address without user information is just a meaningless number. They just used those addresses to prove that people in California were involved, to prove jurisdiction.

Sony did not violate anyone's privacy by requesting a list of IP addresses. Again, it is just a list of (in most cases dynamic) numbers.

Perkel2773d ago

So they collected information to do nothing with that ? :>

So why they collected it to begin with ? :>

Sorry i don't see it that way...

nycrekid2773d ago

Jebus Perkel are you dense or something. They requested the ips to prove jurisdiction in Cali. What part don't you understand? Were you on the yellow bus in school?

ziggurcat2773d ago


"So they collected information to do nothing with that ? :>

So why they collected it to begin with ? :>"

*to prove jursidiction*, you fool, because the IP address would indicate the general location. they only had the IP address, *nothing* else. *no* personal information was obtained.

time to take off that tin foil hat...

cyclonus0072773d ago

Actually the settlement was reached days before Anonymous announced their attacks. They're probably even more mad since their cause is moot.

beavis4play2773d ago

Lord_Doggington - sony didn't settle for anything - they ALLOWED geo to settle. didn't you see what geo agreed to?
sony got exactly what they wanted from that.

Lord_Doggington2773d ago

I get the feeling that if anonymous didn't start the attacks, Sony would have drawn out the legal battle and completely bankrupted Hotz. The fact that anonymous is still taking action is partially unsettling. I wonder if they want a public statement saying those whose IP addresses they gathered will not be subject to investigation. Sucks for Sony because if they do come out w/ a public statement like that, they'll look so weak in the public eye.

Anonymous is kinda shitty for doing this, but they still feel like it's justified.

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frostypants2773d ago

These kids haven't damaged anything beyond the credibility of Anonymous.

Go take on the banks and oil companies or something. If these kids are going to keep up this relatively meaningless junk, at least have the common decency to not waste the "Anonymous" name on it.

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xdye0172773d ago

uwwww just like the movies :O. so cheesyy.

KingPin2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

AGREED. these guys are just a bunch of attention whores. why are they now even fighting with sony? sont settled with geohot. so now whats their cause <not like they even had one to start off with>. they want linux? let just all buy these poor lil boys a laptop, put linux on it and give it to them. seriously, there is no need to go on like this. geohot and failoverflow took the crown of "first to hack the ps3" so what are these wankers going on for now? they are as lame as their attacks.

EDIT: just watched this youtube clip :P are these guys serious? lol "if you have bought any sony products, please return them" lmfao- are these guys serious? lmao- what if i am loving my Sony Bravia tv and wont settle for the samsung? lol am i to sit with a tube tv? lol another thing, which mindless person will follow these guys? more importantly, wouldnt store owners kick these masked wankers out coz they gonna lose business if customers are stopped from buying sony products. lol these guys think as far as their nose. lol

majiebeast2773d ago

Cant sony just send a team of ninja's and silence this tween legion.

Masterchef20072773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

What happens when you put this group and a stick together?

AssassinHD2773d ago

Their biggest attack huh? What are they going to do this time? Send pizzas to Mr. Tretton's house, but this time put extra cheese on them?

beavis4play2773d ago

no - they'll go full assault and add anchovies to those pizzas!

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