IGN - FIFA 12 will be a Revolution

IGN - It was only a couple of years ago that EA's FIFA franchises rose from the ashes of mediocrity and became one of the best sports games around. Apparently, creating the best controls ever for a footy game just wasn't enough for EA.

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TrevorPhillips2744d ago

Me, my bro and the boys always play FIFA 11 at my house! a competition haha :)

-Mezzo-2744d ago

Same here, a FIFA game is always present whenever Me, My Brother or any of our friends arrange a game night.

Yi-Long2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

... but I just want to read that they'll get rid of the endless menus and screens before you can start playing,

... and they need to allow for LONGER replays, for MORE replays to be saved to your OWN HDD (why the dumb-ass small limit of only 5 replays when it's your own HDD???), and fix the small amount of replays you can upload to your EA-profile site* (*which sucks btw)

Also, I want a proper editor IN-GAME. Tiger Woods 2005 had a great GAME-FACE option where you could produce great results, yet for FIFA you need to fuck around with photos on a site on the internet and then upload them to your 360/PS3!? What the fuck?

Just put the complete face/player/shirt editors IN THE GAME! Like Pro Evo.

SpaceSquirrel2744d ago

Sounds like EA is very committed to FIFA for years to come

gravemaker2744d ago

revolution? they'll add another ball to game or what? liars

sweettooth2744d ago

i was PES Addicted but after i played FIFA 11 I forgot about PES

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