Lionhead On Xbox 720: 'We Don't Know Anything Yet'

NowGamer: Lionhead Senior Designer Mike West: "One day we’ll get a memo or email saying ‘this is what’s happening’ and that’s the day when we put everything into action"...

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VampiricDragon_2744d ago

probably another 2 or 3 years........according to job listings its at the drawing board stage

guigsy2744d ago

I think 2013 has been earmarked for next-gen, which is fine with me. Still a couple of years to squeeze even more out of the 360.

Jumper092744d ago

lol no. Xbox 3 = next year

Hands Up For Games2744d ago

lol ???

You are one funny guy Jumper09, really funny. Now that is lol

The Meerkat2744d ago

Fable 4 to be Launch title for Xbox 720.

Masterchef20072744d ago

I dont think its comming out anytime soon. Theres a greater chance that Nintendo might announce something about the Wii 2 at E3 but anything else is unlikely

skyward2744d ago

Lionhead wouldn't say if they had seen it though, would they?

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The story is too old to be commented.