Under Pressure - Valve on Portal 2 | GamerZines Interview

With only a week to go until Portal 2 warps into stores (and maybe even less if those ARG rumours prove correct), excitement for Valve's next game has hit fever pitch. But there are still some unanswered questions. How exactly does Steam integration work on PS3? Why wasn't Steam brought to Xbox 360? And where on Earth is Half-Life 2: Episode Three? GamerZines sit down with Valve programmer Jeep Barnett to get to the bottom of it.

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Masterchef20072840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"But there are a lot of other things too. Right now you're able to chat with your Steam friends while you're playing Portal 2, but there's currently no way to do that outside of the Portal 2 game. I'd like to see even more Steam features that are linked within the PS3/PSN interface itself"

So if i understood it correctly valve could bring cross game chat to the PS3 if Sony allows them to do that. I really hope its true though.

Nice to see that Sonys network is extremely flexible which allows cross platform coop to happen with portal 2. Cant wait to see that done with more games.

floetry1012840d ago

I love Jeep Barnett's answer to the last question, if he agreed with Gabe as to whether Portal 2 was the best game they've ever made:

"JB: I have a different way of phrasing it but I think it's the same answer. When you work on a game long enough, at a certain point you become almost sick of it or all you can see is the flaws. That's true of all games, including Portal 2. There are faults that I see in it where I wish we could have done this or added this cool thing, but on a relative scale I'm happier with Portal 2 than any other game I've worked on. I feel that this one is just so much farther ahead than anything else I've ever done before. I'm excited and I'm really happy with the game. I think it's one of our best games."

It isn't just a truthful statement, but it backs up the professionalism and perfectionism they strive for with every game they produce.

Blacklash932839d ago

I have very few complaints with the Half-Life 2 games. If the dev team is happier with Portal 2 than those, we're in for a truly great game.