Improve your PS3 framerates

The following improvements should be made for better and smoother framerates for ps3 games:

Setting the BD/DVD upscaler set off, HDMI 24fps off, HDMI audio set on bitstream, PS2 upscaler/smoother set off.

Disable system display notify/ mediaserver off / all other automatic setting set to off / internet disable if not multiplaying and other setting etc will all help improve framerates...


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Clinton5144484d ago

Has nothing to do with the PS3 settings.

ps. Mart go play in your fantasy land.

SabreMan4484d ago


what a load of bull who the hell writes this crap, and people respond as if it's true

Mart at Xboxkings - you spanner HHHHHHAAAAAhhhhhaaaaa

wil4hire4484d ago

Uncharted. No Framerate issues
Ratchet and Clank. No Framerate Issues
Ninja Gaiden. No Framerate Issues
Motorstorm. No Framerate Issues
Heavenly Sword. No framerate Issues
Oblivion. No framerate issues
Lair. No Framerate issues.
Haze. No framerate Issues.
EA games. All have Framerate issues.... Notice a patterrn here?

PirateThom4484d ago

Oddly, it was more the fact it fixes Skate was my reason for tipping it.

I've never had frame rate issues, but I know some people still buy EA games.

TheMART4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

So your crystal ball is pretty good, huh?

Last time I checked, these games weren't out yet:

Ratchet and Clank.

BTW I've played Haze in Leipzig on a PS3 on the Games Convention. It had framerate issues, it had no AA, it was playing like a last gen game.

And Lair no framerate issues??? You should read the reviews again... The choice of 1080p was a bad one, it had run properly on 720p I guess.

wil4hire4484d ago

So as far as my crystal ball goes.

I've played builds of all the games I mentioned. No framerate issues. The PS3 is 100% capable as shown in my list. Please fanboy.. bring up something relavent next time?

Or just continue to self-own yourself.. Dont mention720p. Since its something the 360 cant even do.

Lets go over videos for the 360's towel method to avoid RROD aye?

karlostomy4482d ago

I see 'themart' in 3.2 making ACCURATE, VALID points.
Bubbles for you mart....

I also see *25* PS3sheep disagreeing even though he just stated FACTS!

Come on guys!! That is pathetic devotion to the PS3 God...
Idolatry even... lol

what about some balance? You are just sounding blinkered and one sided.

If/when the PS3 has better games, better framerates, better multiports, better graphics, better live etc etc etc... THEN you can act like football hooligans.
..but UNTIL that happens, why not be humble and accept some logical argument from themart et al...

jeez. like kindergarten

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IBLEEDBLU4484d ago

how many 360 games are actually 720p LOL!

i wouldnt even talk about ur garbage360

if u want 2 do something - why not grab xbox360 1st year title launches and compare them to ps3 1st title launch and tell us which ones look better

funkysolo4484d ago

Where did all the ram go because the game is linear and there is no exploration,,,,,Come on xbot tell me why does Halo3 run at 640p which is not consider HD if 360 has so much power and memory to burn....Go look at Uncharted and see what a nextgen game should look like...memory my azzz 360 sucks

Mikey_Gee4483d ago

.. but I really wish this asshole above me would get off the Halo3 war he is leading.

The game has no framerate issues. If you played the F'n game (which you have not, your other post tell everyone this) you would know this.

sgaap4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

because the xbox is doing so well and halo is great fun. No man can tell the difference between upscaled 640 or native 720, and this is done for a very good reason:
Also, the human eye can't see more than 30 frames per second. The only thing is that 30fps games often drop below this number, and then you see the difference. I haven't seen any framedrops in halo 3, only in a 4 player coop game, which is probably just a netwok issue.
Stop talking crap specs and play some games.

poopface14483d ago

hahahahahaha..... At least halo 3 is an awsome game. I mean honestly will there ever be a Ps3 game with half of the 1.2 million people(at once) playing online halo 3 the other night. I dont think so. In the end it seems good to me and I play on standard def tv. I did however see bioshock in 1080i and it was beautiful and really smooth too( yes it also does 1080p)