Angry Birds 'not the most downloaded PSN game'

An analysts group has had to renege on its previous claim that Angry Birds is the most downloaded PSN game of all time.

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thatboytim2772d ago

So what IS the most downloaded PSN game?

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frjoethesecond2772d ago

BF 1943 was at one point. Not sure now.

egidem2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Is it me or do I just find Angry Birds not entertaining? I have honestly tried to like this game, but it just doesn't work. :S

Pikajew2772d ago

why would it? People who use PSN are looking for good games.

tdrules2772d ago

pretty sure the most played game on the Playstation Network is a COD...

lashes2ashes2772d ago

downloaded not played game.

tdrules2772d ago

he said "who use PSN".

ChilliDemon2772d ago

I certainly look for games with more 'substance' when buying in PSN store.

supremacy2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Its simple really, if you think about it, the game isnt free on the psn so therefore the true nature of its sales reflect this when comparing it to say.... A free version or a 99cent version at that.

This just puts the whole 100million downloads into question as to how many actual downloads were sales versus say free downloads?

Also the games on psn are far superior and most of its consumers are used to bigger games like fat princes, street fighter 2 hd remix, warhawk, stardust, psone classics ect.

These types of bite size games are favoritable in phones due to its short and sweet style.

So this begs the question. How is this game suppose to be the next mario again?lol

When it comes to profits in gaming no other market makes money like the console and gaming dedicated handhelds. Thats a fact and this further supports that.

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Blaine2772d ago

So stating my opinion on "bite size" games is trolling.

I UNDERSTAND that they're meant to be played for a few minutes, but that's why I said "ready to play VC2 ***at any moment***". The PSP allows you to just put it to sleep instantly and pick up right when you left off whenever you want. Or even to pause the game wherever and do something else or shut the console off entirely, and resume it when you turn the system on again. So I can play VC2 for a few minutes and pause it when "the doctor calls me in".

Just because I only have a few minutes doesn't mean I have to subject myself to a dumbed-down gaming experience like angry birds or fruit ninja.

But hey, go ahead and all flag this comment for trolling too. (Also, how do I get flagged for trolling when I got 4 agrees and 0 disagrees??)

supremacy2772d ago

And who is flagging you?

NiKK_4192772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

A mod that is an Apple or Android fanboy

That happens to me, too. It's the mods that debubble you, that happens to me when I have even 28 agrees and 0 disagrees (well that was 1 time, but others are almost the same with like 15-0 or whatever)...but yeah it's the mods

skyblue142132771d ago


I believe you, and some of them are not only fanboys of the apple or andriod line of cell phones. Some of them are also xbox 360 fanboy's because A while ago I gave a bubble+ for someone's comment and the next thing that I know is that I got a warning from a n4g moderator telling me to not give bubble+'s to certain comments.

I don't care about agree's or disagree's but the next thing that happened after that incident is that I was constantly getting at least 1 disagree for any comment that I posted on n4g no matter what it was, which leads me to believe that one of the n4g moderators were trolling my posts that I posted on n4g for a while because of that previous incident.

danielle0072772d ago

That's good. Otherwise I would think the end is nigh.

Arkham2772d ago

Augh, tried this on my wife's phone the other day (she made me try it, she refuses). What a lame rip-off of Pain.

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