Five Arguments Against “Operation Raccoon City”


Wait, what?

So maybe you’re like me, Dear Reader, and you just wandered innocently into the awareness that something called “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” exists. You didn’t ask for the burden of this knowledge, oh no, but it’s here all the same. You now know, and can never unknow, that Capcom has handed Slant Six games the keys to “Resident Evil” and told them to make a team-based, tactical 3rd person shooter.

There are five reasons that’s a terrible idea.

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ATiElite2772d ago

How about just one!

This is made by the same guys who made that mess of a game Socom Confrontation.

sam22362772d ago

“Dead Space is largely to blame for this"

Bull-fucking-shit. RE4 and 5 are to blame, not Dead Space. Dead Space did what RE4 and 5 tried, and failed, to do.

Hell, RE4 and 5 are what killed the RE series in the first place!

Scyrus2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

u gotta be kidding lmao, so im guessing u enjoyed the no aiming system and strictly puzzle like nature of the old 3 games?

if u remember the fixed camera angles were a pain, u wud run and it wud suddenly change direction, the aiming was AWFUL, thats why the only way to kill bosses was with a rocket launcher or grenade launcher, the zombies werent even enemies, more like a slow moving obstacle that didnt one hit kill u.

the games consisted of finding a key to go through a door and a ton of puzzles with little gunplay.

ur bashing RE4 and 5 because they decided to actually make the gameplay work and be fun? come on haha, now if u r bashing it because its not scary thats fine, but dead space isnt scary nor hard at all. im currently playing DS2 on hard and not having a problem and havent been scared yet.

i think u miss the nostalgia thats all. because the gameplay in old RE games were complete garbage, just had great atmosphere and puzzles

and yes I know the game had harder enemies like nemisis and such but it didnt matter because u cudnt even see where he was coming from because of the camera, u wud just see rockets almost killing u or killing u.

i loved the old RE games 2, but re4 and 5 were a revolution in the gameplay department for the series, do they need to amp up the atmosphere? sure, but its still fun and thats what counts

BabyTownFrolics2772d ago

i dont get all the negativity towards this game.

Scyrus2772d ago

people like to complain thats why, they think its fun. honestly the only game that ever scared me when i was young was nightmare creatures in the first level, thats it, only time scared in gaming history. a zombie or monster is just as dangerous as a 12 year old camper in COD.

actually ur likely to die alot faster in COD so why do people get scared in games when game over is from the same reason? u died lol. i dont understand