John Carmack: "gaming is no longer a geek activity"

OXM UK: id Software's technical director reckons development is about "entertaining" not "challenging" gamers.

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dirigiblebill2773d ago

When the guy behind DOOM, Duke Nukem and Quake says gaming's no longer for people who know how numbers work, you know times have changed...

snaz272773d ago

i don't think it's been considered geeky for a long time though to be honest, i think people that sat in front of their pc's playing premiership manager were and probably still are considered a little geeky... So maybe it's just certain games and/or certain gamers are geeky, i know friends of mine that think of me as geeky because i come on here. But i didn't know many people growing up that didn't have a console and i'm 30 this month.

Raf1k12773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

The people I remember playing Premiership Manager weren't really geeks but footy fanatics who loved everything about the sport.

Thinking about it now you could say that such games are actually RPGs. They have pretty much everything you'd expect to find in an RPG (management, progression, rewards etc.).

snaz272773d ago

well i suppose i can only talk about my own experience and that of the group of friends i had, we certainly looked upon in as geeky... Hmmm i don't really think we did rpgs as such but maybe some of the fans.

Raf1k12773d ago

Whoops, I just ended up over-writing my previous post.

MrChow6662772d ago

IMO footy fanatics are some of the geekiest people

BYE2773d ago

Gaming is very geeky and it always will be. Who cares?

TheCagyDies2773d ago

Even the cheerleaders from my time in high school were gamers, not the most hardcore gamers but they gamed.

DeadlyFire2773d ago

I agree its no longer an all geek activity.

As far as challenging goes You are wrong. Games need both Movie-TV like experience + a challenge. If not game will fail.

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The story is too old to be commented.