Jordan's Obligatory Blog: Super Street Fighter 4 3D Review

Jordan Minor writes: How can I tie this into some recent news? Well first, Super Street Fighter 4 3D edition just became the first million-selling 3DS game, and more news was just released about the surprisingly angry Street Fighter x Tekken. That’s seems like a good of reason as any to sort of review what is by far the best 3DS launch game.

Street Fighter 4 essentially restarted the fighting game genre initially created by Capcom in the early 90’s with Street Fighter 2. Since then we’ve seen new games in the Vs. series, a renewed focus on Mortal Kombat and the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear, BlazBlue. But like before, Street Fighter remains the standard-bearer, and when it was released on PS3 and 360 two years ago it was met with critical acclaim from casual and hardcore fighting game fans alike. And a let me tell you one thing, as a huge fan of Smash Bros., I can attest to how finicky hardcore fighting game people can be.

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