FIFA 12 - Second Screenshot hit the Net

EA released the second official Screenshot of FIFA 12 that shows Kaka again!

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BlmThug2747d ago

Show Some Gameplay & Fix The Stadium Fans As They Are Still Cardboard Cutouts

Big_Dom2746d ago

Still a few months off gameplay being shown yet. EA seem to be holding their cards very close to their chest with this one, it seems. There's usually some information out about now with Fifa games. As for the image above, could it be that a whole new lighting system is being used? Look at Kaka's left hand and you'll see that light is hitting the end of his finger, while the rest of his arm darker. Could it be EA are using global illumination or something similar? Hope so.

Rampaged Death2746d ago

It looks like the models in their CGI scenes at the beginning. This is a huge step up in the graphics department.

Puty2746d ago

Kaka again? Woah, That means he's appeared much more than in real life pitch this season.

2746d ago