Chinese universities: no PCs, gaming for freshmen

College freshmen tend to lack self control when it comes to a variety of impulses: drinking themselves sick, skipping class, eating entire bags of Doritos for dinner, etc. Some of them, after having left the comforts of home and the nagging voice of Mom telling them to go to bed, also go crazy playing EverQuest all night, every night. Those kids usually learn their lessons one way or the other, sometimes by flunking a few classes. But if you're a university student in China, you may not even get the opportunity to fall into the trap of late-night gaming sessions... at least not until your sophomore year...

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kss4025d ago

i guess they have a point freshman year is always hard and this probably will help.

poopface14025d ago

that is kinda funny. What about all the people that want to look at porn?