The superiority of third-person shooters

Den of Geek: Somehow, the third-person shooter has always seemed to me like the more playable, accessible genre. With your protagonist before you on the screen, you’re provided with a focal point around which all the events in the game take place. You can see precisely where your alter-ego is in relation to all the enemies and obstacles are in the environment.

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thatboytim2750d ago

Interesting perspective! (excuse the pun)

I remember thinking 20+ years ago how those very first first person shooters (Wolfenstein etc) would be better with a figure running around rather than a gun and a hand.

And I agree for action platformers and rpg games. Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, GTA etc all need 3rd person for all the reasons you state.

But when it comes to online shooting - I simply cannot play frantic death match games from this perspective, the camera angle doesn't work for me and seeing my character running around in front of me is off putting.

2749d ago
SageHonor2749d ago

Vanquish was the most underrated ame last year. Alot of people didnt buy it because it didnt have multiplayer. I reccomend that game for any shooter fans looking for a challenge

zgoldenlionz2749d ago

i really need to go out and buy vanquish ive loved everything platinum games has done so far and was disapointed that my local blockbuster didnt have it for rent. every time some one mentions how good it is i want it just a little more.

but on topic i really enjoy tps over fps especially when it comes to action/adventure games but when it comes to run and gun respawn i like FPS better. i might be a little bias since the first game i played for houndreds of hours was SOCOM.

TheShow172749d ago

I agree with the writer. I prefer tps over fps for the most part (R6V as the exception). I couldn't imagine UC2 or Vanquish as FPS, it simply wouldn't work. However, a good comparison, would be BFBC2 to SOCOM. In the end, it's all just preference anyways...

HacSawJimThugin2749d ago

Third persons are easily better than FPS...I think that developers find it easier to make FPS and that explains the over saturation. We need more TPS and I don't mean clones!!

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