The Microsoft Customer Service Horror Show

Kotaku has heard of some truly terrible experiences with customer service, but nothing comes close to Speaker Ender's from If you are not familiar with it, is a website that lists the various achievements that can be garnered by playing various Xbox games and they do an excellent job. Not only that, but these are true, dyed in the wool Xbox fans who are giving the system a ton of free advertisement with their website and have sung Xbox's praises from here to the end of the internet.

Speaker Ender has posted an article on said website detailing his excruciatingly frustrating experiences with MS customer service through 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

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Itachi4076d ago

some people never learn

you should listen to your president


stunt2134076d ago

Wow i cant believe that idiot still wants 360 after 3 of them died on him and get treated like sh!t from their customer service. He is a truly xbox fan.

Mu5afir4076d ago

There is a reason they are called "Xbots". They are emotionless / brainless drones that will support the "mother ship" (Xbox / Microsoft) until the end.

jaja14344076d ago

Right they are the dumb ones? Say you have 6 PS3 games and for whatever reason the thing dies 3 times, however unlikely that is, your saying you would just say screw it return all 6 games that you love and throw away the PS3. Yea the ones trying to get their 360 repaired for free are the dumb ones here...

TheExecutive4076d ago

jaja... i guess the smart one is the one that doesnt buy a broken product in the first place.

KingME4076d ago

How does one single person’s problem and point of view become news for the masses? One could argue that there are others that have had problems with their Xbox also. My counter argument would be, you are right, and there are 25 - 50 story posted on this site to support that. So why do we post another one every time solitary person that has another problem? I honestly believe that the person that posted this is a PS3 fanboy, and had this been a Sony issue, he in particular would not have posted it. IMO.

You know what; I'm not going to get too into this crap, bottom line. I think this guy is either pissed off because of a bad outcome with MS CS and now he is really exaggerating his story. Or he is the biggest moron on the planet for continuing to buy stuff while having problems. Not to mention his note taking is too detailed, there's no way he starting taking notes form the first time he called MS CS (he would have no reason to.) I just don't buy it. His information is hype well beyond belief.

Also, I can't even imagine spending 25,000 point in online content. He is also quoting what he paid as if when he got screwed by MS, all of the stuff he bought magically disappeared out of his house. The controllers, do you still have them? Then shut up. Do you still have the retail games you bought? Then shut up. Bottom line, your Xbox is broken (399.99) and you’re pissed wait for it to come back, and STFU just like the others do.

If you don't want a 360 anymore, sell it and get a PS3. But, please DON’T come back and tell us your story of how you had to sell your 360 we really "DGAF". I wish I knew his gamer tag; I’d go online and make him think his ISP is screwing him; because his keeps getting his ARSE kicked.

CyberSentinel4076d ago

Is with DRM not RRoD. Heres the fix, log into your Live account so your wife and kids can play the Arcade games. You can setup Xbox to auto-log into this account everytime its turned on. Problem solved. Does it suck that you can't play games offline? Yes it does. But digital rights management is needed so that developers who spend 10's to sometimes 100's of thousands of dollars can be compensated for their hard work.

Otherwise everyone would just transfer games on memory cards and "SHARE" them.

p.s. Nice try Kotaku, but the Sentinel is no lemming.

Wii60_FTW4076d ago

what can we say. at least the 360 has a 3 year warranty...oh...and games. owned.

synetic4076d ago

Wii60_FTW sure but when the console is reparing it takes 3 weeks ( 3 weeks that you dont play games ) and about games ... use your brain DUDE ps3 is a year younger

and wait we dont have to pay 50 dollars a year ^^ killzone 2 will be 1024 i not 640p like halo 3 >__< call of duty 4 will better for ps3 ( confirmed by the developers ) STFU now

djt234075d ago

lol lol that is really funny too me

Hatchetforce4075d ago

It amazes me people still act like these failures are made up. I personally endured 2 of them - a launch 360 and one DOA refurb. The MS cutomer service had the gall to tell me MS doesn't produce consoles with faults. He then proceeded to send me two free play and charge kits because the new one that came with my HALO 360 had a bad battery.

marionz4075d ago

this horror show/story is a combonation of a [email protected] site (kotaku) and a fanboy poster (dirtysouf)

is this news? NO

marinelife94075d ago

That is the reason I will not buy one until they get all of that stuff sorted out. Who cares if they will fix it for free if I have to go through all those headaches to get it done.

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Nameless4076d ago

News4Gamers ? More like Idiots&Opinions4Gamers

Squeely4075d ago

What's the matter Ted? Can't handle the truth?

Hatchetforce4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

...and Nameless is posting here. What is he trying to tell us about himself?

Wait, he is Nameless. The lonely soul that travels on the outskirts of humanity, hidden in the shadows. Misunderstood, a hidden gen...BLAH BLAH BLAH. Get under a truck emo.

If it is that bad here have the courage to never come back again. But then again such resolution would mean being a person with a sense of self that believes in their own words.

PimpHandHappy4076d ago

yea btw Bush 43 is a fool

but anyone that still backs a product after all those issues is a bigger fool!

SpeakerEnder4075d ago

I wrote the original article, and I'd like to consider myself not to be a fool. Nor a fanboy.

The fact is, I spent most of last generation playing PS2, and and GameCube for the Mario, Zelda, and Metroids. I had more PS2's break (4) than I have had Xbox 360's break (3). It's a good thing I didn't give up on the PS2, it ended up being a superior game console.

As long as their are videogame consoles, there will be defective units. I've been around long enough to accept that this is just the way it is.

HeartlesskizZ4076d ago

Their costumer support is not the best, they put me on hold when I called for disk scratching. after that they said we are not responsible....
I never let my 360 fall or get stuff on top of it so I dont see how was that not their fall. well Im thinking on getting the elite but I also hear that it got some problems to...anyone know what problems?

PimpHandHappy4076d ago

i cant wait to hear all these 360ppl tell us this is fake. He didnt have a RROD issue and he didnt lose all that money. Im starting to think buying a 360 for a few good games really isnt worth it.

DEADEND4076d ago

Dude I own one it's no big deal trust me, you have all these 360 fanboys telling you it's a bad idea to own a PS3 when in fact it's the best investment I ever made in a console. The PS3 is the most reliable console out there in the market, hell I bought one because my 360 broke down on me. Your best bet it to get a 360 when they become reliable that's my advise to you. And if think I'm lieing about owning a 360 look at my profile my gamertag is right there for viewing, there's no reason for me to lie to you. Both consoles are good but it's a safer investment to get a PS3, with great exclusives just around the corner it's a safe bet if you ask me(MGS4, KILLZONE 2, FFXIII & VERSUS, LBP , AND GT5).

SpeakerEnder4075d ago

Original author here. I would ABSOLUTELY say that owning an Xbox 360 is worth it. I have just had a bad run of luck. I really didn't intend for this story to get so much publicity and for it to be used as a fanboy battleground, or I would have definitely phrased some things differently.

SECRETzSQUIRREL4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

You know whats sad and disturbing that some of these Xbots Like this Fool posting "SpeakerEnder" who just joined N4G 55 minutes ago lol is pretending to be the original SpeakerEnder at
Just to prove my point, did you notice what this Faker just said in his post, here i will quote it:
" I really didn't intend for this story to get so much publicity and for it to be used as a fanboy battleground, or I would have definitely phrased some things differently."
The real SpeakerEnder runs the website were the story is and could easily edit his own post. He would not say a statement like above the fact is he would just do it. Just goes to show you how stupid some xbots can be.. lol

The best these Xbots can do is attempt to lie and make the 360 appear wonderfull. Ya see they have to stoop to these levels because its well known that the 360 is total junk and 1800-my-Xrock is useless.
So stop all this pretending and lieing, Just Face the facts already the 360 lost the console war, everybody knows the 360 is going the way of dreamcast and it will be just a bad memory in 2 years time.

SpeakerEnder4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

If you want to be sure it's me, go ahead and send me an Xbox Live message (gamertag: Speaker Ender) and I'll confirm it. I might not get back to you right away, since I only have access to since my 360 is being replaced, but I will verify my identity to anyone who wishes.

You are confused, I do not run I am a moderator in their forums and was asked by Monster 2 of 2, one of the admins, if I could write the story for the website. I had never been to this site before Sabuc from a360p told me that it was posted here.

Yes, I registered today--but only because I was amazed at how people were twisting my words--which they had obviously not even read. This is my first day on this site, and I know that I do not know how things usually work around here, but I just wanted to tell my side of the story, rather than let the fanboys (on either side) tell it for me.

Hope that clears things up.

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