KMart internal price sheet indicates Wii price cut as well

"I know that the sheet says 'clearance' price, but we're guessing that this is related to the rumored price cut as well. Either that, or some sort of new bundle is on the way.", says GoNintendo.

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Jacks_Medulla2772d ago

Still 50 dollars too much.

zeal0us2772d ago

man I wish I would of caught the $65 psp bundle at target. This price cut still wouldn't make me buy it. Theres really no games of interest on the wii for me to make me want to buy it. For those who are getting it(wii) I suggest you w8 till after the price cut.

ScubaSteve12772d ago

there isny going to be a wii 2, nintendo just launched a console for crying out loud

Finger-Eater2772d ago

So what? Nintendo launched the Gamebody Advanced and Gamecube in the same year. So I don't see much of a difference here. Just a guess calm down. Get ready for the next generation. Youll see in 2 months.

Master X 242772d ago

Wow they stole my story and I didnt get any credit, I been talking to joystiq all day and they posted the pics

wtf that site steals it lol

CoffeewithChess2772d ago

I sent you a PM on it; from the pictures, it looks like these are two different images, and a GoNintendo reader submitted it last night first.

V0LT2772d ago

$199 is still too much.

rmedtx2772d ago

It was about time. I can't believe that people are still paying that much for that piece of crap hardware.