The Mentality Of An Online FPS Gamer

Plus XP's new contributor explaines the mentality of an online FPS gamer.

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ATiElite2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

To Kill with extreme prejudice every Motherf#$ker on the other team, repeatedly and without mercy or compassion. To dominate the map in a way that makes opposing forces say "F&*ck I hate that guy, i'm switching maps". My knife is especially reserved for snipers and campers all others are lucky enough to just get bullets. (I've petitioned DICE to allow gamers to set those filthy campers on fire instead of just knife kills...I hate those KOA card holding bastards).

But i'm not happy if we loose. in Red Orchestra, Arma II, BC2 PC, Battlefield if i get like 30+ kills and only 4 deaths and we loose then I'm totally pissed off. but if i'm like 12/11 and we win I'm so happy cause I'm a TEAM PLAYER!!

WarPonyDestroyer2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

If only kids had that desire when it comes to education and health.

ATiElite2772d ago

"If only kids had that kind of desire when it comes to educations and health."

They do! it's called cheating on test and steroid use.

trainsinrdr2772d ago

im tired of shooting shit im gonna buy assassins creed brotherhood or something

sickbird2772d ago



mastiffchild2772d ago

The bit about the "nerdy jargon" got to me-reminds me of when my wife handed her pad to my old mum (needed the loo IIRC)in a pre match COD4 lobby. When the wife returned she found my mum puzzled, asking politely into the headset she held in her hand " I'm very sorry I don't have them but I don't know what "leet" skills are and I probably am a "noob" but, again, I don't know what that is either! I'm sorry if I broke everyone's game but I'm only filling in and think you should all have been kinder to a newcomer!!"(or similar words).

In about a minute she'd managed to die a couple of times and get abused, bless her, but ask her now and the memory she has is that she hadn't a single clue what everyone was on about-she knew she was rubbish(who wouldn't be if they never played ANYTHING bar Tetris before?)but she didn't know what people were knocking her for within that crapness and she still works, and with computers, so isn't a technophobe in any way but gamers DO have a very peculiar lexicon when seen by a newcomer.

Funnily enough, though, it didn't put her off and she now quite likes a bit of shooty, shooty even if she does like SP more than MP-I think the grandkids make her play more than she lets on when she's got them. I'll always remember how baffled and sorry she was that first time, though, and how she was scared they were annoyed because she'd somehow broken everything.

OooHJohnny2772d ago

My k/d ratio is bigger than yours...

wollie2772d ago

dont know I cant play more than two matches in a row with out getting bored.

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