MSXbox World: Project Gotham Racing 4 Review 9/10

The Project Gotham Racing (PGR) series has been going strong since the original debuted on the Xbox console some years ago. Bizarre Creations however, have had similar previous experience with their late racer on the Sega Dreamcast, Metropolis Street Racer. PGR can easily be considered a continuation of that franchise. Every Gotham game has had a distinct meaning around its release, the second game pretty much pioneered the Xbox Live service when it first launched. PGR 3 launched side by side with the Xbox 360 console in late 2005, to great success and was easily one of the must have launch titles on the console.
Now we have Project Gotham Racing 4, which has no attachment to pioneering any hardware or service, meaning that developer, Bizarre Creations and gamers alike can focus on several facts, simply put, this is the most polished, finely tuned, content packed and enjoyable racer available today.

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sjappie4482d ago

To play with a steering wheel along with the in car view is just amazing fun.

power of Green 4482d ago

Game is so dam fun. Best looking racer I'v ever seen, ever!.

Bloodmask4482d ago

PGR4 is definately a graphics powerhouse. The haters will disagree just bc it is not on PS3. Kind of sad when your only defense is the disagree button.