Enterbrain: Final Fantasy XIII and MGS 4 PS3 exclusivity still not certain

Hirokazu Hamamura, the president of Enterbrain (Publisher of famous Japanese magazine Famitsu), said there is no guarantee on PS3 exclusivity for Final Fantasy XIII and MGS4, during a speech to journalists in Tokyo.

He also restated his opinion about Dragon Quest IX becoming the biggest selling Dragon Quest game in Japan selling 5 million units.

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batman2million4491d ago

Even if jesus him self came down and announced it, I won't believe it.

I want Konami or Sqaure to announce it them selves!

Im sick of getting my hopes up.

drtysouf214491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

This rumor has been posted many times on N4G. We can wait for official confirmation. EVERYONE LOOK AT THE REPORTS SECTION.
The Round Peg is once again abusing the N4G system. ADMIN has confirmed that he is also Xborg Queen.
If you don't belive me PM Dusty or Newsbot for confirmation. He is the biggest N4G system abuser on this site.

Look how he reported this story as fake then turned around and approved it.

Fake: (1 hour ago)
This RUMOR started as a forum post at NeoGAF. In the forum post, the user claimed that the report came from Gamefront. However, the link in his post leads to GameFront's front page instead of the article. Which means we can't verify if the rumor originates from GameFront or not. Which means we have to take the forum user's words for it. Which I'd rather not.
Reported by: The Round Peg


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MADGameR4491d ago

I already know that those will not go over to the 360. Because if it does, I won't be buying ANY next gen consoles.

power of Green 4491d ago

You can say that all you wan't the admins know better. Slander isn't a good thing. Keep speading those lies. I'm going to report you and other for spreading these lies and then demand the mods prove we're not the same person.

drtysouf214491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

You and The Round Peg are NOT the same person. Admin has confirmed this so we were wrong about that. But they have confirmed that he is Xborg Queen. Ask them yourselves.

Edit I'm not going to argue with you as it would be a waste of my time.

Fact The Round Peg is Xborg Queen
Fact He is abusing the System on N4G
Fact look at the reports section where he abused the system with this story.

If your condoning what he's done then you might as well be him.

I'm putting you back on ignore so i won't be responding to you again.

power of Green 4491d ago

LOL you try and destroy people you don't like. Was it you that made two accounts to try and prove I had more than one account?.

LOL one of you made two accounts due to malice being so great you come at people with the sickness.

Like a shadow I am4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

i couldn't find any user named xborg queen.

alot of users have more than one account in here or on any site for that matter. did xborg queen just lie and told you that she's not round peg, or did round peg lie and say she's not xborg queen?

drtysouf214491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

The Round Peg lied and said he wasn't xborg queen

Here's even more proof.

He logged in a little while ago and changed the name but here is that account

Edit @ like a shadow.

Having two accounts as long as your not abusing the system is fine.

But what he's done is

Approve his own stories
Held Positive PS3 stories in the creating status so no one else can post them
Held negative 360 stories in creating so no one else can post them.
He's reported stories twice with either old duplicate or spam to fail them faster
He's posted stories on purpose to have them fail.
Look at the comments from both of them
He tries to act unbiased in one account while bashing and biaisd in his other account.
Me and him personally got if a comment fight about using as a source for stories which is why his last story he contributed under that name is a Amazon story.
Gives contributers multiple bad ratings because he knows how to see who the contributer is when its a pending story.

I could go on but i got better things to do.

He's a fake a hypocrite a liar and he cheats the N4G system. He should have his contributer status taken away.

Edit 2
@ Like a shadow upon reviewing your account you have a lot of similarities with The Round Peg. Almost to many to be considered a coincidence. You've approved alot his stories and your reports are the same many reports that are deleted.

You keep referring to "HER" as if you know for sure the gender.
I think you are The Round Peg too.

In all seriousness get a life. Use one Account and quit abusing the N4G system. Or we will continue to complain and have you banned. Me and alot of other contributers and Admin are aware of what your doing.

@ The Round Peg
Look quit your lying already. Admin already confirmed this and the more you push it then they'll confirm it to everyone. I know you've held stories because when i went to submit them it said that you were submitting them yet they had been sitting in creating for hours.

Here's an example of holding stories I've saved just for you.

You reported it as soon as i posted it, xborg queen was the contributer for the other story had it in creating for 6 hours then you quickly submitted it as soon as you saw that i submitted it.

The more you deny it the more the truth will come out.
I'm done fighting with you.

Quit this sh!t or you will be banned.

Like a shadow I am4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

The screen name says "More_CRank_For_Me". I think she just wanted the extra CRanks to post more stories. That account posted only 5 stories so far,and they are not like spam or flame bait anything. It's really not a big deal. If she uses it to spam or flame people, then its serious.

ktchong4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Really? Do you have proof to all that?

Are you sure I have "lied" to you and told you that straight out that I was not Xborg Queen? I've never directly addressed if I was Xborg Queen. There's no point of straight out denying or admitting it. I just didn't even bother with your kookiness on that issue.

I did told you I wasn't Power of Green, though. Because I'm sure that I'm not him, so there's no point of letting you drag him into this.

Seriously, if I held up a news, you would not even know about it. So, what positive/negative news have I held up?

How did I post a story on purpose to make them fail? When I post a story, then it's out of my hand. It's up to other people to decide if it's gonna fail or not. Even the most badly edited stories can get approved, and even the best submitted story can fail.

Just so you know, I think you can't report the same story more than once with two different accounts just to make them fail them faster... unless you've successfully done it yourself.

by the way, I have never said or claimed that I was "unbiased"... because I happen to believe that everyone is biased to a certain degree. On the other hand, some people tried to be as objective as possible, then there are some who don't even bother trying.

And checked xborg queen's submission history: the first news was not an Amazon story. It's about students skipping classes. So, what Amazon story were we supposed to be fighting about?

Edit: so according to you, first I held up a story, then I submitted it. If I wanted to hold up a story, then why would I submit it?

If I had wanted to hold up a story, then I would not have submited it -- isn't that the whole point of holding up a story? If it's submitted, then it's not held up.

and that's not an Amazon story:




So it's really just boiled down to this: you're just upset because I had submitted "your" story first. It's really all that is.




power of Green 4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

How many accounts do you have? I thought I ignored you.

One day you're drtysouf21 and the next you're drtysouf.

Hmm.. I guess I'll have to do it once more. Ignored for the 2nd time. I'v seen both your accounts in one thread many times.

You're angry and will attack anybody you deem as balancing this site out. You go after anybody that threatends your PS3 agenda. Your news post history is anti MSFT. I do not wan't to ignor you for the third time so make sure you tone down the slander, will ya.

Your emotional connection to the PS3 and your seemingly attempt to control popular opinion in the industry is off the charts your anti 360 news postings will not change the outcome of the console war.

ktchong4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Right now I have a story waiting for approval for over 13 hours. So. It's created 13 hours ago and it's still there. In fact, I took that story down and put it back into creating for quite a while. So have I been holding up the story for the past 13+ hours?

Blitzed4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

"Your emotional connection to the PS3 and your seemingly attempt to control popular opinion in the industry is off the charts your anti 360 news postings will not change the outcome of the console war."

Switch PS3 with 360 and the same apllies to you. Practice what you preach!

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cloud3604491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Am Tesuya Normura and i would like to say that if FFXIII came to the Xbox 360 it will require:

-8 disks since the game in on 2 blu-rays
-A Hard Drive to decrease the load times
-Also a user base that loves RPG

Also i would like to say there will be no reason for us to release an FF game on anthoer console since a Final Fantasy Game needs to sell 2.5 million to make profits.

We expect it to sell 1.98 Million in the first 4 days (Refers to FFX)

cloud3604491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

By the way FFX is the first PS2 game to break the 2 million barrier and also the 4 millino barrier and went on to sell 7 million.

This was when the PS2 user base was really low since notcie i said it is the first game to....

batman2million4491d ago

that was then, this is now

the install base of the ps3 isn't as good as the ps2 was. I remember, I couldn't find a ps2 any where 6 months after its launch, but i see ps3s building empire state buildings at best buy.

Don't start disagreeing with me or taking away my bubbles, sony needs to sell units- and it is possible for them to port on the 360, may it be on a million disks- it can still happen!!

TheExecutive4491d ago

batman... they come out with FF, MGS and GT the PS3 will sell very very well.

hazeblaze4491d ago

PSP sales more than trippled with the release of Final Fantasy Crisis Core... it would be foolish to not expect the same when FF XIII releases on PS3. We all know that MGS4 & FF XIII are going to sell consoles. Plus, the PS3 userbase is already large enough for each game to sell 2M+ copies. When the games are released, they're both likely to sell 2M in a month or less.

cloud360-7th_account4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

@The guy above me

I disagreed with u since i think the last thing u sed was ridiculous. An FF game usually sells 2 Million in the first week. After that sales get slow.

With the expetion of FFVII which sold 4 Million yes 4 million in the first 48/30 hours

Vertius4491d ago

Actually, Batman, the PS3 is selling on almost a par with it's predecessor. I don't know where you're getting the idea it's selling worse.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4491d ago
nasim4491d ago

PS3 is already outselling competition in EU after the launch of 40gig and a price cut.

IN japan the white ps3 bundled with DW 6 at a reduced price would also be making an impact.EYE OF JUDGEMENT would sell well too and so is HS(30k pre orders in JAPAN already)

IN NA too the prce cut and Rathcet,Haze ,UNcharted, GT5 prologue would make big impact this year.

batman2million4491d ago

30k pre orders in japan? I haven't heard bout that.

ironwolf4491d ago

Let's see how they look after monday. I'm betting PS3's numbers will improve, but we'll all see your still talking out your ass.

Pete_Approved4491d ago

haha.. this is great news :D