Final Fantasy VI Coming to PSN

Another classic Final Fantasy title is heading to the PlayStation Network this year as Shinji Hasimoto revealed it via Twitter.

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iDotDotDot2773d ago

If this is true, when it happens my Final Fantasy Collection will be COMPLETE.

Kamikaze1352773d ago

Does this mean they aren't planning on remaking it anytime soon? >_>

miyamoto2773d ago

one of the bestest FF ever

miyamoto2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

It was the last greatest plot driven RPG i ever played, very much like the classic epic war movies of yore.

it was made during the pre femmeboy bishonen era of Japanese games.

When men looked like men and acted like men.

i finished this 6 times on my SNES which still works today.

Shadow is my fave character. Setzer is cool too.

and the PSOne CGI is one of the best CGI's I ever seen because of the Maria & Draco Opera music

This the one that definitely needs a 3-D remake

NewMonday2773d ago

Shadows back story was only revealed if you sleep at an Inn, how cool was that

Eamon2773d ago

Umm, have you ever taken a good look at Cecil or Bartz from FF4 and FF5?

The femmboy bishounen era of Japanese games existed before FF6, mate lol.

negroguy2773d ago

Definitely getting!

"don’t forget that Chrono Cross is also coming but the release date has yet to be confirmed."


Romudeth2773d ago

I hope that this is going to get upgraded like the previous FFs on the PSP. Now if we can get FFIII on PSN or PSP then I'll finally be able to play all of the sprite based FF games.

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The story is too old to be commented.