InFamous 2 Beta Footage writes: "To my surprise, I found a beta code in my email today for InFamous 2, but more specifically, it’s new user generated mission feature! But I was much more interested in messing about, so I hope thats the kind of thing your into. Also, I apologize for the lackluster quality of the video. Blame my IPad 2. Enjoy!"

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Shanks2836d ago

Easily the most impressive open world game on consoles.

Electroshocked2836d ago

I seriously can not wait for this game, it's going to be epic.

I_find_it_funny2836d ago

me too, I was kinda meh a few months back, but I really want it now

clank5432836d ago

After seeing these videos, its honestly kind of difficult to disagree. I liked the first Infamous just fine, but this seems like its in a whole other ball park.

snaz272836d ago

omg! That looked impressive! I gotta admit i passed on the first one after playing the demo, i wasn't impressed with all the pop up etc, it was kinda distracting to me, though i think i'll get it now just for the story so i'm up to date when this bad boy drops! Btw is anyone gonna complain cos what he's doing is against sonys terms of service? Or is this one ok? Lmao... Anyway i actually think the guy has done sony a service here, and sucker punch ofcourse, they have shot up my best devs meter after seeing that!... It's been a while since a game blew me away, uncharted 2 i think... Cant wait to see part 4, get on it dude :-) lol. Oh btw anyone know the release date???

HebrewHammer2835d ago

Haha I appreciate the concern. So far, I have not received and "cease and desist" calls from Sony, but then again, they're probably all asleep at the moment. I'm sure shit will hit the fan in the morning though. LOL

InFamous 2 releases on June 7th!

snaz272835d ago

yeah well honestly if they watch those vids and have a problem with it, i say fuck em! You did a great job and it looked fun as hell throwing those cars around! Lol... This has kinda snuck up on me to be honest, yeah i've heard this and that about it, but i didn't realise it was THAT good!... Thank's for the upload and the info, june the 7th is gonna be an awesome day! :-). Oh and what you doing on here? Shouldn't you be making more vids? Lol.

ajeben8092835d ago

lol at the video maker staying up so late and posting these videos for us, good work. The game looks sick.

Double_Oh_Snap2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

That was phenomenal, can't wait 2 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.