Dino Crisis 2, Pocket Fighter Hit Game Archives Today

Andriasang: Sony's Game Archives retro gaming service scored two major titles today courtesy of Capcom. PS3 and PSP owners will find Dino Crisis 2 and Pocket Fighter waiting for download.

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ian722749d ago

I have Dino crisis 2 for PC and I found it quite poor really, compared to the original Dino crisis which was good on PS1.

Corrwin2749d ago

Still waiting on Dino Crysis for EU, SONY.

How about you stop releasing over-prices former EIDOS stock, and give us something decent!

Rynx2749d ago

"Games Archives"? Is that how it's known as in other regions?

Ravage272749d ago

oh f&%k!!

Dino Crisis 2! That is one of my favourite PS1 games of all time, they just don't make game like that anymore ;(

stu8882749d ago

dino crisis 2 = my fav game on PS1

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