Bungie Reveals Plans for Halo 3 Downloadable Maps

Work is progressing on new maps for future downloadable content, with the design and art teams vigorously engaged in the process. More entertainingly however, the ad-hoc test team of Bungie staff is enjoying these new maps greatly. My favorites are what I have already nicknamed Jodrell Bank and Moonbase Alpha.

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Bloodmask4025d ago

that Halo 3 will get more updates and maps than Halo 2 did. And Bungie showed some true fan support by adding lot's of new maps, and different playlists throughout it's lifetime, even years later.

That is the great thing about the Halo series. The online multiplayer aspects can add replay value for years. Halo 2 is "still" being played online today.

Ri0tSquad4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Bring on the maps Bungie!

batman2million4025d ago

hope their free though, im gonna be broke from buying all these games!

ElementX4025d ago

So you're telling me you would like to work on a project for hours, only to turn around and not get paid for it? Now that Bungie is 2nd party, they will need the income.

TheMART4025d ago

Now that's support.

Take good notice Sony

*cough* Motorstorm, 8 tracks on a BluRay
*cough* Heavenly Sword, 5 hours gameplay on a BluRay
*cough* Warhawk that had supposed to get also a single player now 800MB

The 360 gets new content on XBL. And Bungie keeps supporting great to own a 360

4025d ago
TheMART4025d ago

A PS3 fangirl is like a fish that chews on the empty hook really

PGR4 you can try again... It has night tracks and it has dynamic weather effects. You're reading old fangirl news for nongamers

What have two RPG's to do with a shooter like Halo 3 and 2nd how many games compared to the total line up have multiple discs? 2% at highest maybe? How much did you paid extra on your gameconsole for the BetaBluRay player compared to the competition 200+ dollars/euro?

Try Gears on insane. I'll bet you'll never finish it.

4025d ago
BLACKJACK VII4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

PLEASE REPORT Action Bastard as SPAM. See comments 5.1

Off topic & obvious TROLLING.

jib4025d ago

@action bastard. there are night tracks on PGR4, I don't get why you could even argue against an easily searched up fact online


and for gears of war. the single player is just as long if not even longer than heavenly sword/Lair. add on to that, the fact that it has multiplayer which adds on to its replay value

ElementX4025d ago

Action Bastard you don't even list an XBL name. All you have is PS3 and Wii. Have you even played the game? I know I haven't, but if you can't give a SN to show you own a system, you shouldn't be talking.

ActionBastard4025d ago

Like I said, I have yet to play a night track in PGR4. Do you really expect me to post the SN of my console? LOL. Regardless of multiplayer, a short game is a short game.

Wii60_FTW4025d ago

u want to talk about 6 hour games? how about Lesbian Sword? how about both god of wars? b1tch, shut the f*ck up.

shadowrun? ha. what a piece of sh1t that is. try talking about some real games. Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears of War Trilogy, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Project Offset, Fable 2, Too Human, exclusive Splinter Cell 5. B1tch, get f*cking owned with your Kiddy Big World and Lair.

that's right. move that chin back and forth on deez nutz, b1tch.

ActionBastard4025d ago

As much fun as it is to type tough talk, I'll pass. The interweb allows pu$$ies like you to grab a Master Chief avatar and THINK you are really bad. LOL. Bad 360 games aren't real games, huh? Poser. Stand behind (I know this is a new concept since you like receiving) your console of choice.

Did you really just list the GoW Trilogy? LOL. You got the inside scoop on 2 &3 huh? Too Human too? LOL even more. While you play Assassin's Cell, I'll play MGS4, deal? Where's DMC4 or RE5 on your list? Wait, they're multiplatform so you can't do that. I bet Fable 2 delivers everything they say it will. I've played Alan Wake, it's called Silent Hill. Kiddy Big World? I've got one better...Viva Pinata (I didn't have to play with the title, it really is that bad) And finally, TRY to shut me up.

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