60° Language in video games blog rant

CCG: We just posted our Crysis 2 review today. As fun as this game is we were taken aback by all the language in it. It's not just this game but a trend we're seeing in many games we've been reviewing lately. What gives? Yeah we get it, in stressful situations people swear, it may add some realism but to us we think it's exaggerating a bit. We hang around non-Christians and they don't drop the F bomb every 3 minutes. We miss the options to disable swearing and blood, can we have those back please? Or should we say "Can we have those *#&$^'n options back please?"

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distorted_reality2770d ago

What has "swearing" got to do with religion?

I won't get into what I think about people that find words offensive lol.

sorceror1712770d ago

I'm not religious, but *some* religious people are very focused on family-friendly issue. I have kids, I can understand where they're coming from.

Note, they aren't asking to *eliminate* cuss words; just having an *option* to filter them out. See, e.g., Brutal Legend for an example of this done well. (It's in the demo, you don't even have to buy the game.)

Not all kids are restrained enough to know when not to imitate swear words...

Xof2770d ago

Haven't played Crysis 2, but I gave up on San Andreas because all of the swearing.

Not so much because it was offensive to me, but because it was so prevalent it made every character sound like a drooling incontinent dumbass.

sp1deynut2770d ago


I'm CATHOLIC, and I'm offended by this. Don't attempt to mix your "religious beliefs" with your gaming opinions. We have enough crackpots and politicians against us already. You're either for games, or against them...pick one, and keep the religion crap out of this, if it's the former.