What's the best 1080p LCD HDTV?

We can't answer that question yet, mainly because we haven't seen the latest models from Samsung, but for now, at least, Sony's XBR4 series is the best 1080p LCD we've reviewed. The KDL-46XBR4 gets the job done with 120Hz processing, great black levels and color, and more features than you can possibly imagine

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xhi44114d ago

In Australia, it's Sony's 52 Inch XBR Bravia. It's the new model....and it's absolutely crazy how good it looks. I just wish they'd bring the new Rear Projection 70 inch Bravia to Australia, not just's so slim :( *silently cries*

Mikey_Gee4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I was NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL with last years Sony LCD XBR sets .... HOWEVER, I seen this bad azz at my local shop ... WOW !!!

I know it still has an 8ms response which MAY be a problem with fast past sports shows, but I would love to try it for my console.

I have a 61" Samsung 1080p DLP (I am still a HUGE FAN OF REAR PROJECTION .. I mean mine is only 18" thick), but if/when I add a 1080p LCD to my home, as of right now, the XBR4 (52" version of course)is at the top of my investigative search.

EZCheez4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

And as far as specs go it's right on par with those TVs. It has a 4ms response time and a 10,000/1 contrast ratio. I also love the dual HDMI ports. All in all, I love my tv. My wife has to leave the room sometimes to give the tv and me some private time.

The only thing that suck about it is the remote. It's not very responsive but I don't even use it. One other negative about it was that it didn't have a PC input which I really wanted. But when I got Linux on my PS3 that problem vanished.

Mikey_Gee4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

but after a 52" D92 and 52" D62 BOTH WITH BAD BANDING ISSUES .. sharp is out of my want list. This SET is at least worth seeing. Especially running a HD movie (BR or HD-DVD) to see what it can REALLY do.

But in regards to response time, the Sharps are leaders. Still not sure why Sony still has the 8ms ... kind of stupid really. Especially for such a kick azz TV the XBR4's turned out to be.

Also just to say Sharp Aquos is to blanket ... Aquos has many model versions.

Plus this set has
- MUCH BETTER contrast ratio
- version 1.3 HDMI (x3)
- 120 Hz (depending on your Aquos Model, you might have 120hz. The D92 has it and I think D82 has it as well)
- 10 bit panel (rather than 8)

I was NOT a Sony LCD fan till the new XBR4's. Truth be told, till the XBR4, I put Sony at the back of the pack when sitting with Sharp (even with bands .... sony had Cloud issues) and Sammy.

EZCheez4114d ago

But there is only one 46" Aquos and that's the one I have. I specified that on top.

And when I was looking into getting the tv, I did notice one of the major complaints of the tv was about the banding. It seemed half and half when it came to people whose set had it and those that didn't. I wieghed the options and went for it. Mine has no banding issues and I love it.

Mikey_Gee4114d ago

Don't get me wrong .. bang for your buck the Sharps are AWSOME ... and I was SUPER bummed with the bands since outside of that the Aquos (both D62 & D92) were georgeous. But the bands were noticable in many types of media when watching (games and TV)

"IF" (and I wish it were the case) my 52" Aquos (either model) had ZERO to very little banding, it would still be sitting in my house right now.

I guess my point was that Sony has stepped in up in regards to the XBR4 models. By no means was I crapping on your TV .... the AQUOS sets are still very very nice.


As I said ... I will keep my DLP since I really do love it. By the time it needs to be retired, GOD ONLY KNOWS what will be the buzzword in the HDTV world.

Bonsai12144114d ago

sony's xbr series is the best LCD money can buy. the design is great, and the technology behind it is amazing as well..

but to be honest, there is a huge difference between 50 inches and 60 inches. i didn't even notice until my dad was like, "we'll buy the 60 inch sxrd" and i was like, i don't think its worth the extra 10 inches.. but when it came, i was like, "omg, wtf. its huge"

oh, mikey gee, 2.5ms response time ftw :-p

DaTrooF4114d ago

the samsung LN-T5281F?

FirstknighT4113d ago

The 81 series is the best LCD on the market, BUT WAAAAY expensive. I know the 40 inch Samsung is around $3000.

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