Top 10 characters we don't want to see in the new Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat connoisseur Andrew Whipple III tells the world which characters he hopes WILL NOT be found in the upcoming Mortal Kombat release.

GGTL: "We’re just about a week away from the release of a brand new Mortal Kombat, and while reminiscing is quite fun, I couldn’t help but point out one key item: DLC. Ed Boon has already confirmed that DLC in the form of Kenshi and Skarlet will be made available close after release, but what about the seemingly hundred other kombatants out there? Would you hurl yourself into a bog of human fecal matter for a chance to play Rain? No need to stress over your chosen fighter's gallery, I’m here with my own decisive list of the “wants” and “hell no’s” to help you decide who you would like to see enter the ring as future DLC for the new Mortal Kombat."

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infestedandy2750d ago

Listen to this list Mr. Boon!

Bo' Rai Cho probably should have been on this list since all his abilities are disgusting and childish.

Warprincess1162750d ago

but he was a joke character so your not suppose to take him seriously. Seriously Tanya and mavado shouldn't be on that list. We need some more black characters in this game and mavado had such a cool design. It would be a shame if they don't make DLC.

infestedandy2750d ago

Nah, like the article states, Mavado was just cookie cutter design. Did you ever see his fatalities in Deadly Alliance? The extendo-arms and spiked boots? That was pretty dumb.

Larry L2750d ago

I like Mavado, but he just wouldn't work in 2-D. He's a very 3-D character, I'm sure you know what I mean.
I liked using Tanya in Deception, but if I were to pick another female character it would actually be Kira.

I disagree with other choices on this list though. I think Fujin is awesome. I think he would translate great to 2-D. I also LOVE Frost.
I don't care about Drahmin, but I liked Moloch. I don't know what that picture is they have there, but the Moloch I know is a big Brutish beast, not what's in that pic. Still, no reason to add Moloch even though I like him.

Just as a goof, I'd like Tsu Hao to be added. He just makes me laugh every time I see him. I loved once in a great while on Armageddon online I'd come across someone good with him. It was so awesome such a goofy character kicking my arse.

crider7712750d ago

I agree with you on Mavado and Tanya. There are rarely any black females in fighting games and I would love to see Tanya again... maybe with a redesign though.

RedPawn2750d ago

I think of Bo' Rai Cho as a mix between Earthquake, Chin Gentsai, with a little Rufus.

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9thWonder2750d ago

i agree with this list but on a whole all this says is any new fighter from MK4 until Armageddon should not be in the reboot or be even mentioned ever again....ever

Silly gameAr2750d ago

I actually wouldn't mind Mavado, Frost and Fujin back. Kind of agree with the rest. I think Havik, Hotaru, and Li Mei would be some good DLC fighters.

Gen0ne2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Li Mei... yeah, bring her back. I dug her style. She needs a serious update though.

bobrea2750d ago

Why not just put every MK character in the game? It would solve all of the problems

Krimmson2750d ago

Last time they did that, we got Armageddon, and we all know how shitty that turned out.

bobrea2750d ago

Yea, but that's because the gameplay sucked, not because of the characters.

zero_cool2750d ago

or mk vs dcu what slap in the face that was to mk fans!

Krimmson2750d ago

The gameplay ended up sucking because of two reasons:

1. MK games within the past decade weren't known for its good gameplay. Most fighting game fans (myself included) saw how bad those games were and wasted little time with them.

2. Instead of using their time to make the game somewhat balanced (at least as far as a Mortal Kombat game can be balanced), they just brought every single character in the game. Too busy with having every character in the game and not enough time actually making the game good.

So in a sense, you can say the game sucked because of the characters. Because they decided that we for some reason wanted to see characters like Jarek, Reiko, Hsu Hao and Meat, they spent more time on bringing them back instead of making the game good. Granted, Deadly Alliance was poor and Deception was terrible so I guess this just continued the trend, right?

But thank God this game looks amazing though.

bobrea2749d ago


I suppose that's right to an extent, but by bringing all the characters back I figured that it was implied that they would still focus on making the gameplay balanced, even if it meant a longer development time.

Relientk772750d ago

This guy is not a fan of Mortal Kombat 4 apparently

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