N3V Games releases Trainz Simulator 12

N3V Games' latest title, Trainz Simulator 12 , is now available for PC gamers.

The game lets players build and operate the railroad of their dreams -- this time with friends. The game is the first one in the series to offer multiplayer.

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LunaticBrandon2750d ago

If it doesn't have $1200 worth of DLC I'll pass.

Tuxmask552749d ago

Wow -- some of those cost as much as a new game.

trainsinrdr2749d ago

damn i want trains in rdr's mp already

DeviateFish2749d ago

As a student learning how to drive trains, this is relevant to my interests. I wonder if I can convince my classmates.
What does the extra content entail? It better be a D2 valve and an engineer's cap.