Man creates computer game for the blind

It began with an e-mail.

Eelke Folmer, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, had created a Web site that offered solutions to people who ran into problems when they tried to play computer games.

"Then, one day, someone said, 'Hey, I'm a quadriplegic, and the things you are doing could help people with disabilities,'" Folmer said.

Not long after that, he joined the International Game Developers Association and became a member of its Game Accessibility special interest group.

While some people might dismiss the project as merely providing the disabled with a frivolous pastime, it's much more than that, said Michelle Hinn, head of the Game Accessibility group.

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ElementX4022d ago

It's an interesting concept, however he hasn't created it, it's still in development.

Chris_GTR14022d ago

ummm.......i wander how many blind people play video games

itani4022d ago

I think none. Plus what's the point of creating the graphics of the game if they can't see it?