How publishers punish us for buying new games

Ars Technica:

There used to be nothing better than going to the store, buying a brand new game, and putting it in your system of choice to sit down for a nice day of gaming. This should be a grand moment: you just bought a game you're excited about playing, and the publisher has your money. These days, however, it has become a wonderful opportunity to punish you instead.

Here's how that goes down, and what I don't want to do when I buy a new game.

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firefoxprime2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )


Awesome story. Slaps everything down, and shows that this Gen really sucks. Yeah, there have been stellar titles, but the jumps, flips, cartwheels gamers have to put up with to just "play" the friggen game???

Completely unacceptable.
Patches are becoming mandatory. And yeah. Publishers get to sneak a title through the gates, and its clearly not even completed yet.

"Oh don't worry. Game [X] is only 65% finished. We'll just fix it 'after' the gamers buy it."

DLC? Geez man...these people want you to pay for everything "after" you slap down the the $60! New costume? $5. Maps that should've been included from the get go? $10. Next thing ya know, your shelling out $100 on...1 game.

I dunno about you guys...but the simplicity of last gen and the n64/ps1 era are mountains of gold compared to now...

Edit: I know. I'm just commending you for posting the story.

Kors2749d ago

I did not write this article. Ars Technica did.

coryok2749d ago

the only thing that i dont agree with are the installs, its a pretty necessary thing to keep loading time down while playing games. it ends up saving you time to spending a few mins installing a game.

though i do agree that an install should be optional as maybe some people just dont care and want to just play the game. lots of games have optional installs, but many dont.

i agree with everything just being a general pain in the ass, developers are going crazy and ive learned my lesson, i wont be buying anymore sports games from ea, those guys are ass hats.
im playing through the career mode, im about halfway through a season, finish a game and it says i need to pay 10$ to get to the next game? yea good luck with that ea, i brought my game back to gamestop within 4 hours of buying it.