Vick Headed For Rematch With Rodgers, This Time For Madden Game Cover

Joining Vick and Rodgers in the semifinals are two running backs the Browns’ Peyton Hillis and the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson. There’s reason they call the NFL a quarterback league. The running backs will probably get doubled up in votes by the quarterbacks.

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IheartGames2744d ago

i heart josh freemen go bucs

clank5432744d ago

As a philly native and avid Eagles fan, go Vick!!!!!!!

Arksine2744d ago

I'm a VT alum so I hope Vick continues to pull his life back together, but I have a hard time seeing EA letting Vick on the cover of Madden.

Besides, that thing is cursed. Last time he was on the cover he promptly went down for the entire season.

The Iron Sheik2744d ago

As the owner of 2 dogs I hope it is anyone but Vick.

clank5432744d ago

Oh please, I do not support Vick's dog fighting past, but that doesn't and shouldn't affect his football skills at all.

Baka-akaB2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

being on the cover of the game doesnt affect his career nor his skills ... so i dont see how his complain is that harsh .

He isnt a role model period . It's EA's choice if they wanna go that way , obviously . But then drop the hypocrisy about positive role models , and just choose the best athlete

NoobJobz2744d ago

I love how the article states the running backs will get doubled up in votes by the QBs. Hillis is tearing up Rodgers at the moment. Of course that can change but I'm pretty sure it will be Vick vs Hillis.

Laika2744d ago

go pack go. rodgers ftw

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