Former Bioware employee Bob McCabe on male-male romance

An email from former Bioware employee Bob McCabe has been revealed on the official Bioware forums homepage. He presents his views on male-male romance in Mass Effect and sheds light on the romantic possibilities in the game.

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cloud3604481d ago

I didnt read it. And i dont want to. Am assumign this game is gay

JsonHenry4481d ago

I hope this is optional. I personally don't want to see any "romance" at all, whether it be male-female, male-male, or female-female.

I want this game to be a hanky panky free game.

4481d ago
socomnick4481d ago

I agree I want the sex to be at a minimum but I will sleep with that blue alien chick :P

ReBurn4481d ago

Hopefully if there is no male-male romance people won't politicize the game. I prefer solid story-telling to having to break things up to accommodate specific themes so that people don't get their feelings hurt. I would rather creativity not suffer.

Vojkan4481d ago

Gays can play this, i wont. Not interested in male-male "action"

Darkiewonder4481d ago

Doesn't really bother me much but it's good that a developer is open minded about it. It's just the rest of the gaming world and everyone else [Jack Thomspon?!] may not be able to handle same gendered relationship ;3

Jones Miller4481d ago

Did you even read the full story? I doubt it...

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The story is too old to be commented.