Titles make the console

GameZone reviewer Mike David writes in the Writer's Block that the Xbox 360 is the system to have for fans of FPS games this Christmas and into next year. He explains why.

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xhi44480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

wow. Did you just read the same thing I did?

Firstly let me start off with this. Killzone 2 anybody? Okay but I must agree, if you're a narrow gamer who's sole love is FPS, get a PC, but if you wan't a console, and as I said, love one thing....FPS? Then rather than spending money on a PS3, i mean you would obviously go with the 360.

But this blokes argues...okay not really argues but just blurts out "The 360 is the system to have this Christmas and into next year", and why? I'll tell you why....because "Bioshock and HALO 3 are as deadly a one-two punch any system has ever thrown".

Okay Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears of War, Mass Effect I must agree, are exclusive to the 360 and are games that I must say are extremely good and well worth everyones attention.

But....does this make the 360 the system of choice? Just because of Bioshock and Halo 3 as this man has stated?

I beg to differ, again, if all you like is FPS and nothing else like this man suggests, then yes the 360 is the choice system.

However, if you like..........

Killzone 2, MGS4, Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Heavenly Sword, (I won't even mention Lair *sighs*), UT 3 (come on,free modding heaven for me please), Haze, Warhawk, Shadow of the Colossus sequel and that's about all I can think about off the top of my head.

Now going back to the topic,

"Bioshock and HALO 3 are as deadly a one-two punch any system has ever thrown. "

Now if we pit that against just TWO titles such as Killzone 2 and UT3 (by the way i consider this an exclusive for the PS3 seeing as it has a free network modding capabilities), is that not a big one-two system 'hit' as he so elequantly put it? Well then many xbots will not consier pitting UT3 as a ps3 game fair, so how about Killzone 2 and MGS4? or Little Big Planet and MGS4? what about Uncharted and Killzone 2?

So then, we must look to the future.

Games in 2008 for the 360 that are mind blowing.

- Alan Awake (Personally I pee my pants in excitement over this....not so literally but yer im excited)

- Other than Alan Awake........? Like srsly can anyone tell me? In a comment below? Who is actually intelligent and patient enough to read this whole argument through? lol.

Games in 2008 for the PS3 that are mind blowing.

- Killzone 2 (graphical genius)

- Metal Gear Solid 4

- Little Big Planet

- Infamous

- Sing Star

- Eye Toy Games

Now these are the only ones we know of for 2008. But it has past the time for announcements.

Other hit games are available on both systems such as GTA 4, Assasains Creed, Orange Box (I accept the delay is a put down......damn EA ports) etc.

But finally I geuss I'm writing all this, not about extra capabilities, blu-ray and last gen dvd technology, or about billion dollar unique proccesing powerplant technology (IBM's Cell processors for the slow people), future proofed technology, full HD output, free online and value etc. But I am purely talking games.

When this man said "Bioshock and Halo 3" makes the 360 the most superior system that is the best over both the Wii and the PS3 I just believe that is total ignorance that I find very disturbing. Don't you agree? I mean, a console isn't there simply to be played for FPS, its a diversity that makes a console so great.

OHHH.. and let us address this "Crysis...will hit the 360 next.". Ladies and Gentlemen, Crytek have only employed PS3 developers, they have never employed a 360 specialist.

They have repeatedly stated they are not going to bring Crysis over to the platforms, although they would create a new IP for it.

And my god really, does anybody here (apart from The Mart) believe Crysis can work on the 360, that the Orange Box maxes out the 360 with "93% to 94% of the consoles power being utilised" and Fracture maxing it out as was excitedly stated by the developer trying to show off Fracture on the Gamespot Live E3 Stage demo. Is that console really going to be able to pull of Crysis?

However, the ps3, with only 50% of it's power being used for titles such as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, (which you must admit, looks better than any other game on the 360 or Wii) would, don't you reckon? be much more suited for Crysis. And anyway, remember Crytek? A new IP, not Crysis...

So yes, I'm sorry for this veryy long argument, if you have read all of this I congratulate you because you are one of the few who is patient enough and has more intelligence/focus/concentrati on than many other people.

So finally, to sum up my argument, and give a final justification, the 360 is clearly NOT the best console because of Halo 3 and Bioshock, although they are great games it does not make the console the best and the 360 clearly does not have the best line up of games this Christmas and future. And Crysis IS not coming to the 360 anytime soon, and most likely never, the same goes for the ps3.

Now for the justification. The cliche.

I am simply stating facts that are known presently, I own both consoles (i know cliche), I like my Halo, not love but like, I LURRVVVed my Bioshock while it lasted, i'm looking forward to Mass Effect and Alan Awake. Although I am also looking forward to Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, UT3, Haze, Orange Box (why do I buy it for the ps3? Because I don't like paying for things I believe should be free), Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, MGS4 etc. on my PS3.

I own both consoles so I can get the best of both worlds, although I believe the best weighs heavier on the PS3 side, not at the moment, but in the future when these games come out. But I am a man who looks to future investment, and how I can get the most out of something in the future, and that future for me is the PS3.

Finally, what I hate, is ignorance, and this man who wrote this article, much of his pure ignorance.

And for those who have read this WHOLE thing without skipping....I applaud you, and you would have to be one of the more mature, focused, intelligent people out there.

candystop4479d ago

I'm not even going to waste my time with a long reply to your biased azz! 360 has the better lineup and always will this entire generation so get over it! Ps3 has a few good games on the way I hope but everything else is just speculation and could turn out bad like the rest! Everytime I read a Sony fanboy comment I just ignore it because everyone of you simply have one agenda and thats to talk sh!t because your jealous and immature! MS is doing a great job and if you would complain to Sony and not us then maybe you would get better games and services like we are getting right now!

ceedubya94479d ago

But at least you were able to give your opinion in a respectable manner. Much Respect.

BIGBAER4479d ago

Cliffy B, lead programmer for Gears of War, stated in an interview shortly after Gears release, that with what he and his development team learned durning Gears' devlopment process that in his estimate Gears was only using about 20% of the Xbox 360's power.

Cliffy B went on to say that with this new knowledge he and his team were anxious to begin Gears 2.

John Carmack, ID Software's lead programmer has said much the same thing, i.e. the 360 has yet to be taxed by any game; its poential remains largely untapped.

Synex4479d ago

So the 360 has tons of power left...Why doesn't Halo 3 run in 720p instead of 640p?

Twizlex4479d ago

Just because a system has a lot of potential doesn't mean the developers utilize it, much less actually know HOW to get the most out of it. I mean, isn't this basically the argument PS3 fans have been using to describe why multi-platform games are worse on the PS3? Because devs don't know how to tap into the PS3's awesome power? Seriously, you guys are starting to sound a little hypocritical...

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Says you4480d ago

way to hyped like game reviewers that are biased about the games that are not even really good at all and I'm talking bout cause there favoring a brokendown console that is American and their not actually being fair considering some of those games should have been atleast an 8 or 7 and Gears of War definitely deserved a 8 or a 7 and when PS3 has triple A titles they give them either an 7 or 8 or 9 but rarely get 10s like wow! but all of the crappyBox 360 games gets tens!.

xhi44480d ago

must disagree there champ. Halo is one game, I must say didnt deserve it's 9.8 or whatever. More like an 8 in my book. Good game, but not great. The original Halo, does deserve it's 9.8 however.

And Bioshock, that deserves it's score.

Twizlex4479d ago

Agreed. I think the 360 is a superior system with superior games (at least at the moment), but the fanboys that claim Halo 3 is the be all, end all are wrong, and it makes all of us look bad. I rented it and beat it in two days. It was a decent game but certainly not the perfect 10 that reviewers have been handing it. There are games available now and even more games coming out that are/will be better than Halo 3. Halo 3 IS the flagship title for the 360, but I don't think that means it stands as the epitome of what 360 is capable of. I think they're still just getting started...

Remember, people said the same thing about Halo when it was released, and then Halo 2 came out and looked much better. Who logically thinks that somehow won't be the case in this generation?

titntin4479d ago

Yes - I have to agree with the other replies in here, anyone who continues to purport the myth that Halo3 is one of the all time greatest games, desrves to have their words taken with extreme caution.

Bioshock was trully great game, but even that has its issues and is not 10/10 game. Halo 3 is a 8/10 effort and move backwards for a title that was so trully great when it was originally launched.

360 does indeed have a strong software line up and will keep FPS players happy this christmass, but I think this holliday season, that PS3 has some killer apps with an appeal to a broader demographic.

As an owner of all the systems, I guess you could say I'm sitting on the fence, but unlike the authour, if I had to keep just one machine for the future, I'd keep my PS3. :)

ceedubya94479d ago

The fact of the matter is that shooters are extremely popular these days. The only thing that would be more popular would be Sports titles probably. But this isn't to say that FPS are all that the 360 has to offer. Its just that since the early days of the Xbox brand, shooters were what defined the console, and that ideal has stuck with the 360, even though right now it has a lot of variety, believe it or not. If you look around right now, what are the most popular games that are available? Halo 3, Rainbow 6 Vegas, GRAW2, Resistance, Warhawk, Gears of War, Bioshock, Killzone 2 is highly sought after by the Playstation community. Shooters, for better or worse, have taken over, on EVERY console.

nobizlikesnowbiz4479d ago

They're hyping this Xmas, after Xmas they'll be hyping next years games. Theres a lot coming out. But ATM '08s lineup does look better for the Ps3.

But this Xmas, it's the 360's party. How much more domination can the Ps3 take is my question? It's not even a little bit popular in the US right now. Do you think that the popular sentiment is just going to change overnight after they see a couple games that will be released late next year?

ceedubya94479d ago

it is true that Microsoft hasn't shown much about 08 just yet. People shouldn't take that as a sign that there is nothing coming though. Like you said, they are just really focusing on finishing 07 strong. Next year we'll see what they really have coming. At least I know that Ninja Gaiden 2 is coming. Can't wait for that one.

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