GamePro: Sony Xperia Play Review

However, what Sony Ericsson has undeniably succeeded in doing is crafting a true gamer's phone, with brilliant controls and the promise of some amazing games -- not to mention 32-bit PlayStation titles -- on the horizon. The fact that the Xperia Play is also perfectly capable of playing touch-screen titles such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja means that it effectively offers the best of both worlds, making it the ideal choice if you're an Android-loving games player.

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boss_killa2773d ago

I'm thinking of getting this in August when I'm eligible for an upgrade.

The fact that in plays Android, PS1 and emulator games is enticing.

Doest anyone have this phone yet?

Menech2773d ago

It's a single core phone, Wouldn't now be the time to go duel core with your next upgrade?

I mean I wouldn't want to be stuck single core for another 2 years.

ComboBreaker2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

that doesn't have two analogy stick and buttons?

Spinal2772d ago

What good is a Dual core with only touch screen?? dude we don't even need dual core on phones yet. A single core is just fine.

when they bring a dual core Xperia play 2 then i'll change to that. for now i'll keep my xperia Play. its too awesome.

Spinal2772d ago

I got this device let me tell you right now. Two things: Snes emulator and n64 Emulator - Ocarina of Time. Its simply Pwnage! i sold my iphone 4 for this device and i dont regret it a single bit.

Not to mention playstation games an other emulators. android gingerbread is really fast and is one solid OS. This is my first android device by the way.

STK0262773d ago

I'd probably wait for a second generation Xperia play; the idea of having PSPGo-like sliding controls is very nice, but sadly it would seem (from various reviews) that the screen is subpar and, quite surprisingly for a game-focused phone, it doesn't have a dual-cored CPU, which is pretty much set to be a standard for higher end cellphones in the coming months.

It's nice to know that games will control well, it's however disappointing to know that by the end of the year, other cellphones will be packing much mroe power and running games better.

s45gr322773d ago

hmmm I will wait for the dual core xperia or for the ngp.

Spinal2772d ago

i'll only upgrade my xperia Play to the Xperia Play 2 ( dual Core), Now that i have a slide out control pad for my smartphone I cant go back to just Touchscreen gaming.

Aarix2772d ago

Meh...I'll switch when im not happy with my iPhone but tonights release of world of goo is not going to help.