IGN: Asura's Wrath - Video Interview

IGN: "The producer takes IGN through Asura's story and the angst-y gameplay."

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GiggMan2744d ago

This guy looks mad... Kratos type mad.

Quagmire2744d ago

Looks like a Japanese attempt at making a successful GOW clone. Fail imo.

hazardman2744d ago

Come on dude, why you gotta compare to GOW, it actually looks like it might be a badass game and the look and gameplay are also different from GOW in some of the vidz i've watched. Obviously Capcom feel like they have something good with this game. And from the vidz I think they might be Right!! Lets hope they can make it all work, and that the lucky basterds at this yrs E3 Enjoy It!

Christopher2744d ago

Very glad to see they got rid of the red sepia tone from the previous videos. Game looks much better without it and hope they can make this live up to its own name rather than draw too many comparisons to God of War.

b_one2744d ago

comparision to GoW - hurts games.... imho
Dante`s Inferno, someone told Gow clone and we dont see 2nd part

Here we have maybe a better badass than Kratos, and pissed off Budda... it must kick ass, as buddish is over the top of peacefull religion :) hope to se a demo :) Capcom plz dont fck this up.