FTG Review: Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata DLC (360)

Electronic Arts and Epic Game’s Bulletstorm gets it’s first installment of downloadble content with “Gun Sonata.” Is this song a #1 hit or a one hit wonder? Front Towards Gamer's own Achievement Whore, Batman5273, goes over the details.

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Fir3truck2836d ago

A 4 out of 10 well I guess that means I will save a little money thanks Bats.

Batman52732836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I wish I would have read an article like this before I purchased it! That's why after I played it, I wanted to let people know about it. It broke my heart to give it a 4. But in all honesty, I probably was generous with the 4.

Del6732836d ago

That's disappointing, bulletstorm was pretty damn fun.

AmigoSniped2836d ago

This review is very disapointing but I kinda want to see for myself.

maxcavsm2836d ago

God damnit, that's a shame. Oh, well. I'll take a look at a few more reviews, but...