Xbox 360 Owners and Their Crack Habit

The Bitbag writes, "By now the problems with the 360 have been…hashed out. The supposed 65nm chipset is running free in the wild and Microsoft is still shipping out those coffins. You would think with all the bad press about the 'red ring of death' that people would stop buying the 360 all together. That is simply not the case. 360 gamers are fiendish when it comes to owning games and not even 3 red rings is going to stop them from finishing their achievements in Super Puzzle Fighter."

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ReBurn4479d ago

Let's be real. For the majority of Xbox 360 owners shipping the console back for a couple of weeks is no big deal as long as they don't have to pay for the shipping and repairs. It is a minor inconvenience considering just how good many of the games really are.

The whole issue with the RROD has been blown so far out of proportion that it is a huge joke now. It doesn't have anything to do with being a fanboy or any of that other garbage that gets posted here. People have made an investment in game libraries and they don't mind waiting a few days to be able to play them again.

tordavis4479d ago

Bubble for you my friend. I couldn't have said it better.

Xbox is the BEST4479d ago

least MS ownes up to their problems unlike Sony.

nobizlikesnowbiz4479d ago

I had 2 Ps2's die on me...

Have yet to experience RRoD.

AngryTypingGuy4479d ago

Well said ReBurn, well said!

MikeGdaGod4479d ago

good for you

i had two 360's go out on me (disk read errors, RRoD)

i still got my PS2 from 2000

i Shank u4479d ago

I had one RROD, and for the time it was gone in repair, i bought a core system on my credit card, returned it within a month, and since it was on credit i never had to pay a dime, it was all refunded before i had to pay my bill. free month rental while my 360 was broke, was like nothing had happened, suggest anyone with credit do the same if their 360 croaks

MRMagoo1234478d ago

Thats the whole point reburn u shouldnt have to send it back in the first place if it was made well instead of being rushed out cos MS where crapping themselves incase of being beaten again u might have had a decent console theres no excuse for it in my opinion i wouldnt put up with it no should.MS are just dumb they keep rushing unfinished stuff out like vista what a pile of junk u can use directx 10 on xp.If they want ppl to like them they should think bout somthin else but money for a change there grrreeeeeeeeeddddyyy.Also what was the point of the falcon chip that came out wasnt it to stop them Rroding cos it didnt work the shop i go to has had 4 back since last month and they where the new ones that came with halo 3 so obviously they havent fixed the problem they have put a bandaid on it

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Daytona4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

The new drive is super quiet, better than anything on the market to me, and the console after 6 hrs. of play yesterday was barely room temp. warm. Very very nice.

dfcm20034479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Its people who will buy a 360 and allows MS to keep doing business like this. Man I just don't understand why you guys put up with this stuff. If the PS3 had a 30% failure rate, there would of been an public outcry and had the thing taken off the shelf. I just don't agree with its ok, as long as I don't have to spend any money. That is BS, sorry but its true. Would you buy a HDTV with a 30% failure rate?

As A PS3 owner, Yea its been a dry summer, but now the games are coming. But at least I waited and my system is still working.

And the "Ownes up to it" part, that still doesn't fix the problems, If MS would swap out your 360 for a new one that has the problems fixed, then Yes, That would be nice. And NOW people are starting to say" I am going to upgrade to a new Falcon Chip" What is up with that? You guys have already purchased the system, why do it again? If the original is junk then for Gods Sake don't buy another one.

I just don't understand the Xbox's fans, I owned the original Xbox 4 broke finally got one that worked, I did enjoy it, but then MS crapped on me, when they shut down the original, So I purchased the PS3.

When will you guys understand that you set the stage for the next Xbox, if you are all ok with this "joke of a hardware" then your next one will probably be worse. I can say that because the Original Xbox was better built then the 360. Its your future guys, and its your money.

You can disagree, and flame all you want, but Im not saying the 360 games are bad, Im talking about hardware issues.

nobizlikesnowbiz4479d ago

Honestly. I think MS has learned from their hardware mistakes and are rectifying the situation. Their next console will have to be very reliable or they'll look like idiots. The Ps2 crapped out on a lot of people too (I had two break on me), and now look at the Ps3. It's a very, very reliable machine, built like a tank.

So don't assume just because MS made a mistake this gen, and a lot of people are having grief for about two weeks to a month, that next gen is going to be the same.

Scythesean4479d ago

I will be waiting until they come out and say, "Hey it's fixed!" then I will get one. I just don't want to risk buying a new system to only have to swap it out for a used one. I have my PS3 and it hasn't given me one single problem since I've had it from Nov.

wageslave4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

Well, then, the wait is over and I have some VERY good news for you Sccythesean.

The Xbox 360 heat issues have already been fixed, and we already were told. And we've been seeing the improved hardware for months now.

One of the first Elites were opened up to reveal Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

Then they came out and said:

"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."


Also, read this loud and clear; Microsoft said at the Tokyo Game Show:

"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.

Every Xbox 360 with a failure got a free fix. Every customer is being taken care of. I have personally bought 5 units (3 as gifts, 1 elite & 1 premium for myself) and every one has been great for over a year.

The heat failures have been blown WAY out of proportion -- mostly Sony fans looking for something to do for the 12 months PS3 was late.

That said, sure, there have been too many failures -- but Sony didnt replace my blown PS2 or replace two drives for free in my second, which now btw, lies dead.

When Sony replaces my two PS2s for free, then we'll talk about failures.

Leathersoup4478d ago

Sony will tell you what they want to and you will believe them. I'm sure you still believe that rumble is last gen.. no wait next-gen rumble is next gen but rumble is last gen. What? um.. nevermind.

The propaganda that keeps getting layed down on us says that the PS3 is more powerful and that you just have to work harder to "unlock" it's true potential. To me that sounds like the company simply making the console as cheaply as possible and forcing the developers to jump through hoops simply to keep up with other devices on the market which actually are designed to make it easier to develop for them.

Then all the PS3 fans start foaming at the mouth every time something comes out a few weeks later for the PS3 and they blame the developers. Not Sony for making them work twice as hard to get anything done. They blame the developers.

Thanks. I'll stick with my 360 and play games instead of complaining.

MRMagoo1234478d ago

thats so weird with the ps2 failures though i bet they wherent anywhere near as many as xbox though huh? Also i have had my ps2 since release and its still working fine in my living room ,granted its used mainly as a dvd player now but it hasnt broken once its not frozen once its not done anything but what it was made to do ,i wanted to get one of the slim ones but the one i got on launch never gave me a reason to buy a new one

poopface14478d ago

to answer your question I wouldent buy a PS3 if the failure rate was 0. The reason I chose xbox is because it has sweet games and alot of games. I usualy buy bestbuy warenties for expensive stuff anyways so if my breaks Ill get a new one in 10 mins as best buy is right down the street. When I buy a console its because of games and what it has to offer, not a name and not if someone elses breaks. I have already accepted mine might break. people without one need to get over it and understand that we would rather be without our awsome games for a month or so than have to wait to see some potential mabe.

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SofaKingReetodded4479d ago

but it SURE IS a problem for MS, everytime they ship one of these paperweights back n forth it is cutting into ANY profit they EVER hope to make off this franchise. How long do you fanboys seriously think they can keep this up??

You do realize that how much money MS has, HAS NOTHING to do with the equation? This is called diminishing returns, that's when you reach the point where you have lost SO MUCH money that it's gonna hard or next to impossible to make it all back MUCH LESS actually make a profit. There are many of you who are outright lying to yourselves when you come on here talking about how MS is in it for the long run and how the box is here to stay. REALLY? MS actually had a good reliable console with xbox1 that sold much better than the 360 is currently selling and had well over twice the install base it has now when all of a sudden Bill Gates and the boys dropped it like a hot potato. What do you think they will do with a console who not only has failed to reach even half the install base in half the time xbox1 was out, add the massive failure problem and It seems to me alot of kids who have no idea how the business world works are in for the first major dissapointment in their lives. I fear that some of them have taken this attempt by MS to take out Sony so deeply to heart that when this iteration of the xbox is scrapped YET AGAIN some of them may have unhealthy reactions to it.
Get some counseling and then PLAY BEYOND!!!

nobizlikesnowbiz4479d ago

"MS actually had a good reliable console with xbox1 that sold much better than the 360 is currently selling"

I stopped reading your idiot comment right there.

Jdoki4479d ago

I believe MS have shovelled 5 billion dollars (and counting) in to the Xbox project. I think they would have pulled out by now if 5 billion in the red was a big issue.

Xbox and PS3 is far more important to MS and Sony than just games - in fact I would say games are almost secondary in the long term plans of Sony and MS with their consoles.

Sure, the games market is huge and growing, but it's all the other bits you can push on to customers where the money is made... network subscriptions, micro-transactions through DLC, and most importantly downloadable or streaming music, TV and movies, plus all the other services you can think of.

This is the real territory the two companies are fighting for; and it's not a fight that will be won this generation either.

More people watch TV than play games, so getting those people to buy a PS3/Xbox360 when they think of TV or movies on demand could really see one company destroy the opposition... not on quality of games, but on the quality of the other services the console provides.

Then there's connectivity and complimentary products. Buy a PS3 and you may buy a PSP if the connectivity looks cool. Buy a 360 and you may be more likely to buy a Zune. The list goes on and on.

Look at it from MS/Sony's point of view... What's more profitable, investing 15mill in one game's development (which may or may not sell), or striking a deal to exclusively provide downloadable movies/TV on demand??

So that's why MS are gritting their teeth and digging in for the long haul. The end objective is creating a platform where they can serve a diverse collection of entertainment products and services - and the same goes for Sony.

DrRage774479d ago

the hardware is a non issue with most xbox owners because of one very simple has GAMES GAMES GAMES!

and to all the sony fanboys commenting on the rrod and saying we are stupid for supporting microsoft, how do you explain your blind devotion to sony after the ps2 was well documented with having faulty dvd drives, which it denied, had a class-action lawsuit filed against sony, which they lost, and STILL deneid they had a problem, yet all you sony fanboys kept buing the ps2.....yes, apparently trhe 360 is the only console in history with a problem, right?? and yes, the ps2 problem was HUGE and rampent

MikeGdaGod4479d ago

everything from disk read errors, to RRoD, to system scratching disks.........

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