Gears of War 3's Beta Dates; Who Can Play When?

RespawnAction: "The start of the Gears of War 3 beta, the latest third-person shooter from Epic Games, is not too far away. In fact, it's only a week away for some people."

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wwm0nkey2745d ago

get my code on Friday, cant wait.

Noble Spartan2745d ago

wait i swear it was for everybody? that can download it from marketplace on April 25th? Now its only Bulletstorm and Gears 3 pre order people?

wwm0nkey2745d ago

its been that way. I get my code to play it on Friday from expertzone though :D

tmoss7262745d ago

No beta is open for everyone. Just put a preorder down and you're in.

earbus2745d ago

Im a big fan of the series but ill wait till the full release not trying the beta allways kills my joy for the final game.

talltony2745d ago

Anyone have an Extra beta code? If you do don't hesitate to pm it thx.

Raven_Nomad2745d ago

This is the reason I got BulletStorm, though that turned out to be a great game on it's own. I want to play me some Gears 3!

Danielmccue2745d ago

What the **** happened to the open beta?

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