CVG: Waging war on Halo 3 Achievement Whores

What's the most annoying thing about Halo 3? People who sit there asking if anyone's up for achievement whoring. That's who.

With Halo 3 being the most popular game Xbox Live is ever likely to see, you're bound to get a mix of players - good and bad.

There's the player who takes it all a bit seriously and actually has tactics for every game type that comes up. His ways of winning are probably written in marker pen (copied off GameFAQs) on his bedroom wall so he can see them at all time. This player is harmless but annoyingly good. He'll also sit there and tell you how many medals he got after the match.

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Daxx4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

When I run into people who are trying to boost to get achievements I just slaughter them while they're trying to get so many kills with a certain weapon with out dieing or whatever they're going for.

It pisses them off and they send hate messages to me saying "Hey man, we're just trying to get achievements!" But I don't care because I end up winning the match everytime. ^_^


I was personally working on the Laser achievement - I secured invisibility, got the Laser & returned to the beach (Last Resort map) - there to my widened eyes were not 1, not 2, but 3 dudes hopping on & off the mongoose. I was in Private Chat with a friend, so I probably missed the whole "achievment map" cry at the beginning. I chuckled, locked in my sight & got a big fat TRIPLE Spartan Laser kill.



binard3284026d ago

I've only helped get achievements once (and got some myself). Personally....I don't really care if other people are doing it. Like Daxx said, more kills for me. And it's not like it's a team match anyway. All the achievements are in the Lone Wolves matchmaking. So it really is only affecting the person doing the "achievement whoring". Not to mention that the people that get the achievements are probably going to go right back to playing normally right after they get it. Is it REALLY that big of a problem for you? Really!? If it is than your gaming experience is easily screwed up.

Oops. I meant to put this as a separate entry. Sorry BLACKJACK VII.

Skizelli4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

The problem is all the kiddies want things handed to them these days. I'm not a casual Halo player. I mean, I can play for fun, but I'm always working to get better. I want to earn my keep. That means taking the good with the bad. I got paired with this douche bag in Team Doubles once, whom ended up quitting on me. After the match, which I lost, I messaged him about it in anger. His excuse was that he didn't want to lose rank. How selfish and stupid can a person be? Quitting hurts you more than losing. I told him that rank doesn't mean jack if you're a quitter.

nobizlikesnowbiz4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Lol @ almost every Halo 3 player with 1000/1000. If you have 1000/1000 theres a 95% chance that you got it by asking at the beginning of every match.

They say at the beginning of almost every Lone Wolves, "Hey anyone up for an achievement match?". I really don't care, I'll admit I've done it a couple times. Got my Steppin' Razor that way.

All the others are legitimate though. I just need that damn Overkill, Mongoose Mowdown, and Better Luck Next Time Buddy. I flippin' get trips a lot, but then I'll get BS'd into not getting the Overkill.

Mongoose one pisses me off too, I hit guys and they just glance off the thing.

binard3284026d ago

Wanna go for achievements?


rabidvibes4026d ago

the whole achievments in coop is great like meeting up with friends playing through legendary trying to get all the skulls.

and the points... but on multiplayer I think you should earn them eventhough some seem impossible...

BloodySinner4026d ago

Yeah, that's the big problem with the free for all achievements in Halo 3. There are ONLY 5 players in Lone Wolves, what are the chances of you killing 4 people (to get the Overkill achievement)? Seriously. It's really stupid.

Also, the Steppin' Razor achievement, what are your chances of killing 3 people in a row to earn that? That's also really stupid.

Because of the nature of free for all matches (people don't attack unless you're already damaged, cornered or ingaged in battle), you'll most likely never earn those achievements. Ever.

So I really don't understand why some people will whine about achievement boosting. Especially when you have the "impossible" ones I've just mentioned.

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