Conduit 2 - The Wii's Darkhorse In The Arms Race (Hooked Gamers)

Under the watchful eye of Sega, High Voltage Software defiantly attempt to stem the tide with Conduit 2, a sequel to the 2009 first-person shooter underdog, which faced mixed reviews and unfavourable comparisons to Metroid Prime: Corruption and its high-powered HD cousins, and yet overcame enough obstacles to garner much good-will in the gaming industry. With their follow-up, High Voltage say they have listened to complaints about the game's dull grey environments and disappointing plot and promise this instalment will be the shooter The Conduit could have been, but will their release be a worthy swan song for third-party development on the console - and if so, will that song even get heard?

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AEtherbane2749d ago

Who said it was a swan song?

Suga Shane2749d ago

They mention there is no Wii speak, we are aware of that but, it does support the Headbanger headset. The problem is that people who have no been following the development of this game will think that it doesn't have a voice chat option. HVS has also spoke of DLC, yet no mention of that either. Shame on whomever wrote this for not having all facts present.

Joshubuh2748d ago

Fair point on the Headbanger headset, that escaped my notice. Not entirely sure why not mentioning future DLC is a glaring oversight.

However, the real reason I wanted to reply is to let you know you misused 'whomever'.